Here at 1836PM, we continuously strive to build and garner the relationships we have with our clients and partners. Sometimes that means getting together to celebrate those relationships, while also providing real estate investing and property management education at every opportunity. Here are some of our most recent events that did just that!


We will continue bringing our clients and partners together to show our gratitude for choosing 1836 Property Management as your go-to Austin property management company. Our goal will always be to deliver the best services to help our clients reach their financial goals through real estate investing.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, SEP 4th: UT vs Louisiana


Saturday, SEP 18th: UT vs Rice


Saturday, SEP 25th: UT vs Texas Tech


Saturday, OCT 16th: UT vs Oklahoma State


Saturday, NOV 13th: UT vs Kansas


Saturday, NOV 27th: UT vs Kansas State

Thursday, JUNE 24th: PT50 Top 500 Summer Social


Friday, SEP 10th: PT50 15×30 Symposium – Agent Panel


Thursday, OCT 14th: PT50 Comedy for a Cause


Friday, DEC 10th: PT50 2021 Awards Ceremony

Thursday, JUNE 17th: {POSTPONED – UPDATES TBD} 1836PM Partner Agent Appreciation Happy Hour @ Vuka – Bouldin Creek (3:30pm-5:30pm)

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