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No one can know for certain when we’ll be able to get back to “business as usual” but as property investors, it’s important to stay up-to-date on real estate market data in order to protect our investments and remain on course toward our financial goals. That’s why we’ve compiled data from our own portfolio of investment properties here in Austin, Texas, some 1836PM crafted resources for investors, and other highlights from our go-to industry thought leaders.


The statistics from our own portfolio seen below were collected via the software and systems which we’ve integrated over the years and currently have in place to efficiently monitor our clients’ investments. The information below is also indicative and specific to the state of the housing market since the introduction of the global pandemic in early 2020.



Total Properties


Total Assets Under Management


Total Investors


Total Residents


*Stats updated quarterly.

1836 PM:


  • July 2020: About 0.46% delinquency of our total portfolio
  • August 2020: About 0.46% delinquency of our total portfolio
  • Sept 2020” About .91% delinquency of our total portfolio




National Average (multi-family or managed housing industry):


  • July 2020: 22.6% delinquency
  • August 2020: 20.7% delinquency
  • Sept 2020: 23.6% delinquency



*Data collected via the National Multifamily Housing Council. Data shows rent payments made by the 6th of the month.


*Stats updated quarterly.

1836 Property Management Senior Property Manager, Erica Griggs, provides a quick overview of the Federal, Texas, and Local (Travis, Williamson, and Hay County) eviction regulations as of August, 28th, 2020.


*Disclaimer – This is the most recent information we’ve researched and collected from local, state, and federal websites, as well as, our on-retainer attorney (as of 8/28/2020). We always recommend that if any issues arise that you also consult your local justice of the peace or trusted attorney.

Federal, Texas, and Local (Travis, Williamson, and Hays County) Eviction Regulations as of 8/28/20

Average Number of Showings Before Leased & DOM: Jun-Aug 2020

*Stats updated quarterly.

Listen in as 1836PM Founder, Matt Lescheber discusses the average number of times a property was shown before it was leased, the average number of days a property was on the market before it was leased, and the factors that determine these averages. Also, learn why as an real estate agent in Austin, this information might be pertinent to you and your clients.

Potential Resident Inquiries


*Stats updated quarterly.

Tenant lease leads fell from June – September, however remained high throughout Q3 of 2020. We attribute this to pent up demand caused by tenants’ caution to move in earlier months following the introduction of the pandemic, as well as, an industry norm for residents moving more often in summer months.


*Stats updated quarterly.

Condition and price, as always, really determine DOM. 1836PM has been executing and perfecting remote showings for years. Now, we’re executing remote move-ins with the new software and systems we’ve established as well. Three days of vacancy and a sanitation-heavy cleaning process before any new residents move-in have also been implemented when sufficient time has not elapsed between residents.

1836PM Maintenance Overview

*Stats updated quarterly.


Via the 2020 State of the Property Management Industry Report. Download the full report here.

3 Rental Market Trends to Watch from Buildium’s 5th Annual Report

Trend #1: Property Managers Fight to Stay Profitable

  • The number of property managers who expanded their portfolios decreased by 7.2 points between 2016 and 2019.
  • Nearly 1 in 2 property managers named Growth and Efficiency as top priorities in 2019.

Trend #2: Investor Clients Outnumber Accidental Landlords

  • More than half of today’s rental owners consider themselves Intentional Investors—an increase of 10.7% over the past year.
  • Rental properties are an active income source for 1 in 2 owners.

Trend #3: The “Typical Renter” is Evolving Fast

  • Nearly 1 in 2 renters would prefer to own their home, but aren’t in a position to buy right now.
  • A full third of renters today are over the age of 40; and Baby Boomers are among the fastest-growing U.S. renter demographics.



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This Real Estate & Market Insights report will be updated quarterly to reflect the most accurate and new information that we’re able to provide.


We greatly appreciate the relationships we’ve built and maintained with our agent partners over the years. So if you have any questions about the data or resources above, or if there is any other specific information that we can provide to you, please do let us know!


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