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1836PM Business Review

Building Trust

Transparency Through Data

We believe that sharing 1836PM’s business statistics is another bridge toward building trust with our partners. Knowledge is power. Knowing our portfolio performance gives you insight into determining your investment success. The statistical analysis we perform on ourselves is the same one you receive as our client.

1836PM Portfolio Overview

At A Glance

1836PM Portfolio Overview

total properties
total assets under management
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total residents

3 year trend overview

Average Number of Days on Market

A rental property’s condition and rental price are key factors that affect the number of days the property will remain on the market before it is leased. We deploy Make-Ready best practices and work with trusted vendors to ensure favorable outcomes. Our professionals also establish fair pricing that’s on par according to property specifications, location, and market trends.

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3 year trend overview

Average Number of Showings Until Leased

Property condition and rental price continue to be leading factors that affect leasing stats, that’s why 1836PM has continually improved our level of service to potential residents, including:

  • Thorough Make-Ready Procedures
  • Market-Based and Strategic Rental Rate Assessment
  • Self-Showings
  • Remote Move-Ins
  • Concierge Utility Connection
  • Air Filter Delivery Service
  • Residence Portal for hassle-free rent payment and maintenance requests
  • And more!

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2 year trend overview

Average Days Onboarding

When onboarding a new rental property into our portfolio, we follow a tried and true procedure to fulfill legal and compliance mandates, make-ready projects, and competitive rental rate analysis. These tasks are non-negotiable, and the timeline largely depends on the condition in which we receive the property. Keep in mind that every new property we receive is different, so this data is an average of our entire portfolio of properties.

Watch to learn more about the Facts About Preparing a Rental Property for Market here.

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Market & Maintenance Update

Market Update

Market Update: Q3 recap: Avg DOM and Avg Showings Until Leased

Curious about the latest trends in Austin’s real estate market? In this video, we provide a concise overview of property leasing stats for the third quarter of 2023 in the greater Austin, Texas area, along with factors affecting the data. We offer a glimpse of what the future holds for investors and agents in Austin.

Top Maintenance Issues Resolved

Monthly Maintenance Overview

Maintenance matters! We cannot state this emphatically enough. Proper maintenance ensures the longevity of your property and helps avoid costly repairs down the road. It’s also a significant sign to your residents that you genuinely care about their home—remember, we want them to renew their lease!

1836PM answers maintenance calls promptly and oversees repairs as quickly as possible. Our dedication to efficiency ensures that residents continue to report issues as they arise—mitigating the chance of surprise big-ticket fixes in the future. We maintain open lines of communication with our residents 24/7, so we never miss those important maintenance needs for every single property in our portfolio.

Please look at the top maintenance issues our team of professional handymen tackled just last month!


1836PM Annual Statistics Overview

Proven Vetting Procedure

Application Processing

Statistically speaking, 1836PM has the tech-powered data at our fingertips to master the ratio of showings to applications to approvals based on each property’s characteristics. Our cutting edge approach delivers more feedback, better residents, overall greater financial returns, and keeps us on top of the market. These statistics also indicate two things: The seasonality of single family home leasing: People prefer to make a big move in the warmer months and be settled by autumn. Fewer turnovers: Residents are staying in place and contracting for the long haul. Our investor/property management partnership is doing everything right!

Handling Difficult Situations

Eviction Rates

No one likes to hear the word eviction. But nonetheless, sometimes it has to be done. Fortunately, our stringent application approval process mixed with top notch resident communication has allowed us to mitigate the need for regular evictions. We pride ourselves on placing residents in our properties that are not only the best fit, but are also financially stable.

However, when the need arises, our investors can rest assured that we will handle the situation every step of the way. This includes, but not limited to, posting the appropriate notices legally required by local and state laws, periodic occupancy checks, filing with the appropriate precinct courthouses, and attending the judgment hearing with a professional eviction service provider for additional support.

Austin Texas Eviction Tracking
View detailed information about eviction stats in Austin, Texas collected via Princeton University

performance oriented

Time Spent Performing Maintenance Tasks/Repairs

Tracking time on maintenance and repairs demonstrates time gained for the investor! We do the work for you. Out of all maintenance calls requested per unit per month, 78% of those requests are actionable. Meaning we call our trusted vendor to step-in, troubleshoot and repair.

Average Total Time Spent on Maintenance Per Unit Every Month on Average

Prompt and Reliable

1836PM Communication

Excellence in communication is delivered via our basic tenets of being honest and direct, performance-oriented, and emotionally engaged. We invest a lot of time ensuring a robust communication process.
*Data per unit per month.

Time spent on general email correspondence per unit per month (to residents, owners, vendors, applicants, billing, legal, etc.)

*Data based on if each email received took 1 minute to reviewand each email sent took 2 minutes to write.

Now let’s add maintenance email correspondence to the mix…

*Data based on time spent providing general email correspondence + maintenance troubleshooting, scheduling, billing and payments.

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