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Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

To Know Us, Know Our Beginning

The 1836 Property Management Story

In 1997, our founder Matt Leschber knew what he wanted following college: financial freedom. Early on, he realized the Austin real estate market was exceptional. He obtained his real estate license and launched his career with Keller Williams Realty. In 2007, Matt founded 1836 Property Management with one client and the belief that mutually beneficial transparent relationships are the key to a successful business. That principle brought unprecedented growth through the years and today 1836 Property Management is Austin’s premier property management company.

People often ask the meaning behind our name. 1836 is a significant year for Texans. It’s when our fellow Lone Star patriots fought for and gained independence as The Republic of Texas. We keep our mission at the forefront of everything we do by incorporating that year into our name.

1836 Property Management’s mission is to help clients achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

A Clear Vision

Our Belief, Our Focus, Our Values

At Our Core

What Makes 1836PM Different?

We’re one of only a handful of companies in the US with internal systems integrated in real-time with our property management software to deliver industry best service, on time, without fail. What does that mean for you? We’ve taken the guesswork out of real estate investing, property maintenance, and leasing.

We call it Property Management 2.0. This next-gen focus is Investment Performance, allowing us to track results, provide education, and help our clients reach their goals more seamlessly.

  • Internal Dashboard Performance Metrics is the way we efficiently map out the long list of to-do’s to get your property listed as soon as possible with no room for error or liability.
  • REI Monitor is the software we built specifically to track the performance of our clients’ properties. It allows our Strategic Investment Managers to constantly plan, set expectations, measure performance, and adjust in real-time.
  • Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is our internal system that empowers our employees to communicate directly with management for best practices, problem-solving, and direction. The team operates as one.
  • We take a Proactive Maintenance approach resulting in higher-quality residents and lower turnover rate.

What makes 1836PM different? Our integrated systems put you on a technology-driven path to transformative real estate investing with real time performance reporting, data-driven analytics, and concierge property management services.

Transformative Real Estate Investing

The People Who Make It Happen

The 1836PM Team

These are the playmakers that deliver uncompromising service on your behalf. The team is comprised of brokers, realtors, investment managers, operations managers, maintenance experts, marketing experts, and customer service representatives—all passionate about your success.

Consistent Excellence


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“My family and I just had our house leased in 4 days!!!! through 1836, it was a painless, streamlined procedure. We worked with Ames Schroder, Melanie Price, Alyssa Smith and Erica Griggs. The experience was completely seamless. They were extremely responsive and patiently walked us through the process. We highly recommend working with 1836 for all your housing needs.”
“I recently moved into an 1836 property and can not speak more highly of the project management staff I have communicated and coordinated with during the process. Karen and her team were AMAZING! They were incredibly responsive to emails – most of my emails were answered within a half an hour, and sometimes even more quickly. Also, I truly appreciated how organized they were – and how they worked seamlessly to guide me every step of the way. They were all very kind and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know who is looking for a rental property!”
“I’ve been using 1836 to manage my rental property for over 2 1/2 years and they are amazing. I live in Florida and it is impossible for me to manage the rental from halfway across the US. With the stellar team at 1836, I can rest easy. They have taken care of every issue that has come up whether big or small. I’m grateful that I can rely on such an awesome company. Thank you Blue Team!”
“My clients worked with 1836 Realty to lease a property in RR. Although the beginning application process was a little challenging, 1836 was able to direct us to the right party to get things fixed quickly. The rest of the process was so easy and Tania was very responsive and helpful the entire way. Looking forward to working with 1836 more in the future with clients.”

How It Started, How It’s Going

1836 Property Management Timeline


December 2006: 1836PM Founded and Managed 3 Units

2011: 6 Years in Business and Reaches 50 Managed Units
2013: 8 Years in Business and Reaches 100 Managed Units

January 2015: Matt Leschber serves as 2015 President of the NARPM Austin Chapter

2015: Joined as a sponsor of Platinum Top 50 Austin

2016: 11 Years in Business and Reaches 250 Managed Units
June 2018: 1st dedicated Business Development Manager is hired
2019: 14 Years in Business and Reaches 500 Managed Units
April 2020: Internal development begins on new Property Management software

June 2021: Winner of 2021 Austin’s Best Places to Work by Austin Business Journal

June 2021: Winner of Top 100 Leaders in Real Estate & Construction Award by Real Estate Business Review


February 2022: Development complete of the REI Monitor (Real-Time Investment Monitoring Solution for Single Family Residential Investment Properties)


January 2023: 1836PM Reaches Over 750 Managed Units

May 2023: Development complete of the Assessment Archive (A proprietary solution that was created to make the communication process about property maintenance more seamless.)

Winner of Multiple Company Awards Including: Austin’s Best Places to Work by Austin Business Journal, Loc8NearMe Recommends, Three Best Rated Business Excellence, and City’s Best Awards

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