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A close-up of an alarm clock, a stack of coins, and a miniature house sitting atop a wooden table. Green leaves are growing from the stack of coins. This symbolizes the financial benefits of Austin real estate investing.

What are the financial benefits of real estate investing?

Real estate investing stands out as a premier method for building wealth, and for good reason. Beyond the immediate returns …

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and appliances. In front of it, there is a washing machine and dryer set. On the right side, there is an oven, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

Buying Appliances – Big Box Store or Specialist? Which is better?

Buying appliances at big box hardware stores have made a lot of aspects of homeownership easier. Instead of searching around …

Single family residential home with a garage, a white and brown roof, anda driveway

What is Single Family Residential Real Estate Investing?

There is no one single mode of real estate investing. One type of rental property may appeal to some people, …

A red sign with the words "house for rent" on it, sticking into the ground, in front of a house.

Essential Tasks for Austin Rental Property Owners

As an Austin rental property owner, staying on top of essential tasks is crucial for maintaining a successful and profitable …

A compilation of photos of the 1836PM team at the Austin Business Journal award ceremony.

Austin Business Journal Names 1836 Property Management One of Its Best Places to Work

  1836 Property Management received quite the honor recently when the Austin Business Journal named the premier property management company …

A man opening his empty wallet sitting in front of a desk. The desk has a computer, money, and check slips on it.

A Realistic View of Financial Losses Due to Rental Property Vacancy

  One of the keys to successful real estate investing is reducing rental property vacancy as much as possible. The …

A chalkboard sign with the words property management on it. The sign is sitting on a desk with a calculator, pen, and other items.

4 Reasons Why Property Management is Important for Your Real Estate Investment

  To be successful in real estate investing, it helps to have a solid team on your side. While you …

A water sprinkler spraying water over green grass. It is sunny outside.

Rental Property Preventative Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer

  As summer approaches and the weather heats up, people are getting outside more to enjoy some fun in the …

Two men sitting at a table discussing a document that one of the men is holding.

4 Ways to Improve Resident Retention at Your Rental Property

  One of the biggest keys to success in real estate investing is retaining residents. The more effective you are …

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