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We Answer 10 Questions that Any Investor Should Know Before Partnering with a Professional Property Manager

Whether you’re a new or seasoned real estate investor, choosing the right team to make your investment a success is essential. While some investors choose to self-manage, we believe that adding this type of asset to your financial portfolio should be more gratifying than stressful.

Owning a rental property and being a landlord requires attention to detail, research, dedication, and work. This type of investing can be very lucrative. But the truth is that managing the property and tenants requires a lot of resources, experience, and time. The right property management team has integrated proven processes to make your investment successful and help you reach your financial goals.

That’s why we always encourage real estate investors to choose a team of professionals with the experience, knowledge, trusted partners, and commitment to keep your investment on track. When you hire the right property management partner, you’ll spend less time worrying about doing everything right and more time on the things that truly matter to you.

And That’s Where 1836 Property Management Steps In!

Since 2007, we’ve seen just about everything regarding real estate investing and property management. Many of us on this team are rental property owners ourselves. So trust that we always have you and your property’s best interest as an essential priority.

Learn How We Answer These 10 Essential Questions You Should Be Asking Your Prospective PM Partner

10 Essential Questions

We get asked this question daily. We could tell you about our culture, our expertise, or even our industry-leading initiatives. The truth is most investors really want to know what we do differently that will result in better performance with less risk and greater peace of mind. The answer is pretty simple. It’s who we are. The “who” refers to the employees tasked with managing your property. This includes our onboarding specialists, a team of two experienced and professional property managers assigned to you and your property, accounting management, and our maintenance department. You see, it’s easy to sell you a story. It’s much harder to deliver a value so great that our clients know we’re working hard 24/7, to help them reach their investing goals.

Return on Investment and Performance

Every investor that comes on board with 1836PM, begins their partnership by answering questions related to their goals with their investment property. This allows our team of property management professionals to develop a strategy meant to help you reach those goals effectively. We collect all the necessary data and documents about your property, compare the numbers against the market, and get your property prepared for listing by our set of standards that allow us to rent your property quickly and at the best rental rate. Over time this process helps our clients gain that desired ROI and ROE. Performance is always top of mind.

Experience and Stability

1836PM owner and broker, Matt Leschber, founded the company in 2007 with one client and the belief that mutually beneficial transparent relationships are the key to a successful business. Over the years, the company has added a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team by hiring rockstar professionals devoted to the company, their clients and their clients’ success. With exceptionally low staffing turnover within the company, 1836PM offers experience and stability that investors can count on with their long-term investments.

Additionally, within the first few years of business, 1836PM integrated an internal operating practice adopted from the EOS (entrepreneurial operating system), that focuses on establishing a system of receiving feedback from employees in order to continually improve and consistently deliver great results and service. From then on the engagement and response from our team has been remarkable. Employees are more engaged, felt heard and drive changes throughout the organization.

It’s also worth noting that we’re a team that lives in Austin, works in Austin and also owns real estate investments in Austin. So we think we know a thing or two about this market.

Human Connection and Top-Notch Service

While we can all agree that technological advancements have been a gift to the modern world, I think we can also agree that it’s provided some downfall when it comes to interpersonal relationships. That’s why at 1836PM human connection and communication standards are of top priority as well.

Every investor that partners with us, receives a team of 2 property managers devoted to them and their property. And according to industry standards, our staff to unit managed ratio is exceptionally low. While some companies may be working with one property manager for every 150 or more units, we cap our staff-to-unit ratio at 80 units to every 1 property manager. We want our clients and their residents to know that if they reach out with questions or concerns, they will get an email, phone call, or Zoom meeting set up to discuss and address them promptly. But more than that, because our staff stays at 1836PM for the long-haul, we get to know our clients personally….and we love that.

Company and Portfolio Growth

It makes sense that most companies want to continue to grow, develop and succeed. But the real test is how a company handles growth over time. The processes and procedures they implement that assist in that growth. The people they bring on board to supplement that growth. And how they communicate with their clients and partners about that growth.

At 1836PM, we have grown at an average rate of 20% percent year-over-year. We’re proud of that growth! But it has not been without its challenges. However, thanks to an abundance of guidance, technological advancements within the property management industry, open communication, and dedicated team members, we’ve sustained our growth as a largely positive experience. The feedback we’ve received from our clients and partners says it all.

While we never plan to be a national business (the greater Austin area is our home and we love it), we are always thinking ahead and strategizing for growth within our company. That may look like an increase of units to our portfolio (Of course we want to help more Austin, Tx investors!), but also development of our systems, software, processes and procedures in order to deliver the best possible service and performance to our clients.

However, it’s important to note that we also don’t want to grow too fast or manage large portfolios for investment banks because both would take away from our core clientele, the individual investor.

We believe that honest and reliable communication is essential to a successful business.  1836PM abides by a 1-business-day response when any client, resident or partner reaches  out to a member of our team. We want you to know that your questions and concerns will  be acknowledged, that you will receive the attention you deserve, and that we will do our  absolute best to provide you with well researched answers and guidance. 

However, sometimes certain questions or concerns may take more time than others to  answer or resolve. So we always ask that our team is given the appropriate amount of time  to respond when items may require more thought or research. Additionally, we highly  recommend that one-on-one appointments (available via phone or video conferencing) are  made with our team members in order to provide undivided attention.

Our team utilizes numerous modes of communication, including direct client access to  their dedicated property management team via email, phone, and video conferencing. We  also provide a 24/7 emergency maintenance line for residents so that any surprise issues  are addressed promptly. Additionally, every investor and resident has 24/7 real-time access  to their member portal, where they can find documentation and data related to their  property, as well as, company announcements and video guides from our team.

We follow a set of core communication values:

  • Be Respectful
  • Understand by Listening
  • Act with Good Intentions
  • Support Ideas with Evidence and Experience
  • Disagree without Being Disagreeable

Watch to listen a few words about this from 1836PM Founder, Matt Leschber:

1836PM Communication Values and Social Contract 

Human-to-human connection and building relationships with our clients and partners  is essential to not only our success as a company, but to the success of our investors. We  benchmark against our competition and put more hours of labor into managing your  property than other Austin property management providers. Automation is efficient but  when it comes to such a significant investment, relationships and communication are key.  And that’s the bottom line.

1836PM is locally owned and operated since 2007. Real estate broker and licensed professional real estate inspector, Matt Leschber, founded the company with one property, one client and the belief that mutually beneficial transparent relationships are the key to a successful business.

While some of our competitors work from offices hundreds to thousands of miles away from where your rental property might be located, our team lives in Austin and many of us invest in real estate in Austin. All of that means that we truly know this market.

Additionally, we don’t have to call corporate to implement changes or needs. We have the ability to work one-on-one with our clients, partners, and our team, to strategically make decisions without much lag time.

As licensed real estate professionals, we always remain up-to-date on knowledge of housing market sales trends, rent pricing trends, and the difference of pricing in individual areas within this market. But to go further, we must also always be aware of economic shifts in supply, demand and labor as it relates to maintenance and materials within this market. This allows us to provide our clients with accurate and fair market estimates and suggested maintenance reserves.

And because we’ve been in the property management business in Austin for many years now, we’ve built relationships with experienced, licensed and trusted vendors and partners that know what they’re doing. That includes all maintenance providers, our on-retainer legal council, and other real estate professionals that are an integral part of the real estate investing process. Rest assured that we have your goals and your property’s best interests always top of mind.

In order to provide stability as a whole, we believe that there should always be more than one person managing your rental. That’s why every property in our portfolio receives a team of 2 dedicated property management professionals.

We believe in a team concept. If someone on your team gets sick or needs to take family leave for any reason, you can rest assured that there is another professional PM knowledgeable about your property and able to take the reins without gaps in service. Our people build skills along with experience and someone is always available from your team.

While some of our competitors have a single property manager managing every aspect of up to175 units at any given time, our staff-to-unit ratio remains close to 80 units for every staff member. That allows us more time to ensure accuracy, plan and forecast, focus on unusual situations, reply to emails, strategize plans for your investment, and ensure that maintenance is never overlooked.

By abiding by this staff-to-unit ratio, we’ve effectively been able to reduce staff turnover and burnout. Many of our professionals have been with us since year one, and have taken the path of upward mobility through the company.

Integrity still matters. We believe in the professionals that run this ship. So your team of property managers never have to send you to a manager to make a decision. Our employees are empowered to do the right thing by you, your property and your residents.


At 1836PM, every new property that comes into our portfolio receives a property  advertising package once it has passed our make-ready standards. After the interior and  exterior of your property has been professionally cleaned and any necessary repairs or  improvements have been completed, we schedule a professional photographer to create  top-notch imagery of your property.

We then professionally market your property on the Austin MLS, over 50 top rental websites  around the world, as well as to the clients that our partner brokerages represent.


We use a quality and systematic approach to our tenant screening procedure which allows  us to provide outstanding tenant performance, and keeps them in place for the long-run.

Every applicant must pass certain application criteria, a background check, employment  verification, and pet screening (if applicable). The application process goes through 4-6  phases, takes on average 2 hours to complete, and is connected to applicant bank accounts  and completed electronically in order to reduce communication and documentation error,  and secure leases faster.

Additionally, we use custom documentation during the remote property showing, move-in  and move-out process. This has allowed us to streamline the leasing process and ensure  that no legal documents are overlooked.

Our investors are also provided with a 6 Month Tenant Guarantee – If a tenant vacates your  property in less than 6 months, we’ll find you a new qualified tenant for free.

With this custom and proven leasing process, our inventor’s rental properties receive a  professional looking listing and the best possible chance to get a great tenant in place  quickly and at a competitive rental rate.

Over the years, we’ve perfected this onboarding procedure, allowing us to provide  excellent performance for our investors. For a more detailed explanation of our  comprehensive property management services Steps-to-Success, click here. 

1836 Property Management has been in business since 2007 and that’s in part because  we’ve remained diligent in legal compliance as it pertains to managing rental properties  and residents. This includes ensuring that all properties in our portfolio stay up-to-date  on local and state property code compliance laws, handling resident threats and eviction  proceedings, providing detailed legal documentation for clients and residents, and more.  

Additionally, we keep legal counsel on retainer at all times. This allows us to reach out with  any questions that might arise (whether from our team or our clients) and act quickly and  effectively in the event that legal action is necessary. 

At 1836PM, we have a legal fiduciary duty to the property owner and we honor our  contractual obligations with all parties. So you can feel confident in knowing that we  always have you and your property covered.

Maintenance issues are THE number one issue that arises when you own a rental property.  So having an effective maintenance procedure in place is essential to our everyday  business.  

Below are a few highlights as to how we handle maintenance, both general and  emergency, at your rental property:

Local and State Property Code Compliance:  

To ensure your property is always following legal requirements to provide your  tenant’s with a habitable living condition. 

24/7 Maintenance Phone Line: 

For general, emergency, and after-hours maintenance issues (even on National  holidays).  

Maintenance Requests via Tenant Portal:  

So your tenant is always able to request maintenance, check-on the status of their  request, and pay for tenant repairs when the need arises. 

Two Dedicated Property Management Professionals Per Property:  

To answer the call or maintenance inquiry when your tenant has a request.  

1836PM Maintenance Team:  

To troubleshoot with your tenant, queue maintenance repairs based on severity  and date/time submitted, and communicate with tenants, owners, and vendors  about specific projects.  Have the authority to make decisive decisions based on their professional judgment  and that fall within the parameters of the property management agreement.  

Detailed Maintenance Timelines and Documentation: 

To evaluate low, medium and high priority maintenance tasks in order to streamline  project completion.   Photos, videos, and detailed descriptions of maintenance issues, project status and  project completion so that nothing is overlooked and reference material is readily  available if ever required.  

On-Call Emergency Maintenance Team: 

To handle those unexpected maintenance issues that tenants can’t handle and that  rental owners shouldn’t handle.  

Relationships with Trusted, Licensed, and Experienced Vendors:  

To provide the highest quality service to our portfolio of properties in order to get  the job done right the first time and at a fair market price.  

Bi-Annual Property Walkthroughs:  

To protect and maintain the integrity of our client’s investments.  

For even more details on how we handle maintenance for our portfolio of properties, visit  our Investor FAQ’s page and find the section titled, “Property Maintenance,” or check out  our video resources YouTube playlist, “Maintenance/Make-Ready Series”.

Over the years we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when it  comes to effective and efficient property management services. In addition to the many  procedures and partnerships detailed above, here are even more highlights of what we  believe has changed the game for our team, and allowed our investors to have successful  real estate investments. 

Dedicated IT Professional: 

1836PM is one of two privately owned property management companies that has  a dedicated IT professional working full-time to develop systems and software to  increase internal accuracy and eventually develop client-facing options. 

Implementation of State-of-the-Art Technology:  

  • Industry leading property management software
    • To streamline rent collection, communications, contract execution, eviction handling (if necessary), property evaluations, maintenance inquiries, and so much more.
  • Industry leading tenant and pet screening software
    • Real-time online owner portal  Where investors can find all income and expenses, accounting and tax  documentation, etc. 
  • Real-time Return-on-Equity reporting software (REI MONITOR
  • Assessment Archive (available Q2 2022):
    • To gather detailed photo and video documentation of your property and store it for  viewing whenever the need arises.
  • Long-Term, Local, Experienced, Licensed and Trusted Relationships with Vendors  and Partners
    • Including local maintenance providers, local legal counsel, local real estate agents,  and local real estate lenders
  • Regular Investing and Property Management Educational Content
    • Provided to our investors, residents and partners to ensure they have the latest and  best information possible regarding our industry best-practices and requirements  

Check out our many BLOG and VIDEO educational resources!  

At 1836 Property Management, we strive to constantly learn and implement systems and processes that will provide the highest level of property management services to the greater Austin, Texas area.

At 1836 Property Management, we believe in transparency and honesty. While we cannot  claim to be the cheapest service provider, we are fair according to industry standards in  this market.  

And to be honest, we’re not here to provide our clients with a “deal”. We’re here to provide  serious real estate investors with high quality property management, complimented by  outstanding communication and customer service standards, detailed and streamlined  reporting and year-over-year investment performance. 

You may be able to find big-box companies that say they can manage your property for  cheap, but at what cost to your property and your peace-of-mind? Lack of care costs more  in the end than paying a minimally larger, yet fair, fee upfront. Consider these hidden costs  of cheap property management. 

We set our fees based on industry averages, data we collect from our portfolio, and  research we conduct via market analysis and property management and real estate  thought leaders. In order for our business to succeed, our clients’ investments must succeed as well. We never do anything without giving it plenty of thought and attention,  and that will always include how we decide what to charge for the services we provide.  

You can always find specific pricing and inclusions associated with each of our property  management service packages on our website: 1836PM PRICING 

In order to measure the success of our client’s investment property, that will depend on a  number of variables. We always begin our new partnerships by asking owners what their  financial and personal goals are with their investment. And that’s because every property  and situation is different. In order to build a great strategy for your long-term investment and reach your investing goals, we need to know what your ideal ambitions are for that  property. 

But it doesn’t stop there. These are equally important variables:

Return on Equity Performance:  

By providing every property with a market analysis and setting competitive rental  rates based on the data, that will earn investors their best possible return after  expenses.  


We look at historical data, set goals, analyze the data quarterly and annually, and  reevaluate and implement changes if necessary  

Real-time Dashboards:

Our investor clients always have access to real-time data about their property via  their owner portal. This allows owners to see how their property is performing every  day, month, or year. It’s your choice! 

Marketing Performance:

We collect data on everything! We analyze averages on the number of days our  portfolio of properties spent in onboarding, how many days those properties spent  on the market, and how quickly those properties leased. Because of our tried and  true marketing and leasing procedures, we historically beat industry averages on a  monthly basis.  

Quality Tenant Performance:

Our high-quality, custom and proven tenant screening process has allowed us  to rent properties quickly, keep residents in place longer, and average a rent  delinquency rate that never goes beyond 2% of our entire portfolio.  

Dedication to Tenant Satisfaction:

Simply put, a happy renter stays in place. Our team does our absolute best to  ensure that your tenant is well taken care of, so that they in turn continue to care for  your property and stay in contract for the long-haul.  

Dedication to Property Integrity:

There are so many variables that can be affected if property maintenance is  overlooked. So we pride ourselves on the stringent policy and procedure that we  have in place for property walkthroughs and maintenance. 

Maintaining Professional Service:

Our educated, experienced, and licensed team members are responsive, stay up-to date on all compliance requirements and are dedicated to providing investors with  strategic plans for their investment. 

Quarterly Satisfaction Surveys:

We provide residents and investors with quarterly satisfaction surveys to help us  see how we’re doing. There is always room for improvement, so we take feedback  seriously and adjust our business practices when necessary.  

Multiple High Google Review Rating:

We can tell you all day why we’re confident that we can provide the best property  management partnership in Austin, but what are others saying about us? Again,  we believe transparency is key. So we encourage all of our investors, residents and  partners to leave us their honest feedback.  

You can find reviews and testimonials on Google, on our website, and on Facebook.

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