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Austin Business Journal Names 1836 Property Management One of Its Best Places to Work

A compilation of photos of the 1836PM team at the Austin Business Journal award ceremony.


1836 Property Management received quite the honor recently when the Austin Business Journal named the premier property management company as one of the Best Places to Work

In the ABJ’s MICRO category, which includes companies that have between 10 and 24 employees, 1836 Property Management was ranked in the #24 slot. That’s very impressive, considering there are more than 23,000 businesses in the Austin metro region, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The publication solicits nominations of companies for its annual Best Places to Work list. Once they are secured, Quantum Workplace surveys employees anonymously about their companies to get their true feelings about who they work for.

All employees grade their companies based on six criteria — communication and resources, individual needs, manager effectiveness, personal engagement, team dynamics, and trust in senior leaders. 

By being named among the Best Places to Work, 1836 Property Management demonstrated high ranks in all of these areas. Like all other companies on the list, 1836 Property Management fosters a workplace where employees are willing to go above and beyond, while advocating for the company and intending to stay there well into the future.

Survey Results

According to the survey, 90% of the employees at 1836 Property Management were classified as “highly engaged.” By ABJ’s definition, this means a vast majority of the team has a highly favorable attitude toward the company, is an advocate for the company, intends to stay there long-term and exhibits a high discretionary effort.

All employee responses to the survey are converted into a score and averaged. The possible outcomes range from 0-100. 1836 Property Management garnered an extremely impressive score of 95.34, which is why it was named among Austin’s Best Places to Work.

The part of the ABJ survey that truly resonated with leadership at 1836 Property Management is the open-ended responses team members provided. When asked to pick the one word that describes their work environment, employees overwhelmingly identified “family” as that word.

This is reflective of how 1836 Property Management feels about its employees and also of all its clients. The family atmosphere that’s created within the company exudes outside of the company as well.

What Our Employees Said

We are truly humbled by some of the amazing and kind words that some of the employees said about us during the open-ended portion of the ABJ Best Places to Work survey. Here are a few of those anonymous responses:

“I truly love working there. I honestly wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. We’re compensated very well, we have flexibility in our schedules, our work is valued, and our feedback and opinions are heard.”

“1836 took me in and made me feel like I was capable of anything and helped me succeed at everything I do here! They treat me as family and I am grateful for them everyday.”

“1836 is the first place in Austin (out of 4 companies in 3 years) that genuinely values the employee, not just their production.”

It’s words like these that help to prove that the atmosphere and approach we’ve built at 1836 Property Management is resonating with our employees.

Join the 1836 Property Management Team

We at 1836 Property Management are truly humbled and excited by the recent honor of being one of Austin Business Journal’s 2023 Best Places to Work. It’s reflective of our goals of treating employees and clients like family.

Our aim is to help all of our clients reach their real estate investment goals and garner peace of mind through the process. We do this through our hands-on management process and collaboration, as well as through various online resources that we provide in an active library. 

To learn more about 1836 Property Management and how we can help you become more successful in real estate investing, please contact us today.

We are also always looking for eager and enthusiastic people to join our team. Reach out to us if you’d like to join a family atmosphere at one of Austin’s Best Places to Work.



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