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Hello 1836PM Investors and Residents!

Every day we handle 82 phone calls on average. That’s +10 phone calls per hour or one every 6 minutes. We are all hard at work, however, our goal will always be to answer all inquiries within one business day.


Our team stays busy year-round, particularly in the summer season, and periodically team members get sick or enjoy a hard-earned day off. Please give us time to adequately research any information needed, manage emergencies and respond to others also in the queue.


If you are already a client and you have a time sensitive matter, then email your property manager directly or fill out the contact us form on our website mentioning the person you need to reach. Please provide as much detail as possible about your situation and needs. Doing so will enable us to do research or get help before we even get back to you.


If it is NOT a time sensitive matter, please fill out the contact us form and/or email your property manager to request a scheduled appointment to connect. We must open and close business daily (9AM – 4PM | Monday – Friday) and perform all duties that we’re required to do in order to keep your property fully functional.

Therefore, we ask that if you need to speak with your property manager or maintenance manager directly, please schedule a time to do so. This way we can ensure that you are given our full attention.

Not sure who you need to contact? Here are few options:


  • To reach our business development team regarding property management services, please visit our Contact Us form and select Property Management Services and/or Real Estate Investing” or call 512-994-4323.


  • To set up an appointment with your property manager, please visit our Contact Us form, insert the name of the person you need to reach, and select My Property Managed by 1836.”


Yellow Team:  Melanie Price
Blue Team:  Tina Garcia


Yellow Team:  Alyssa Smith
Blue Team:  Christina Padilla


Onboarding Specialist:  Erica Griggs

Yellow Team Assistant PM:  Tania Arceo

Blue Team Assistant PM:  Karen Esquivel

Customer Service Specialist:  Alex Perez


  • Please visit our Contact Us form and select the option, “Available Properties, Requirements, Applications, or Showing Access.”



To reach our maintenance department or to set up an appointment, please visit our Contact Us form and select, “An existing work order or becoming a vendor.”


To submit a maintenance request or general inquiry, please do so by logging into your tenant portal, select the “Request” button, then select “Create Request”, and then follow the prompts.


  • Please visit our Contact Us form and select “Other” or call 512-994-4323.

You may also visit our About Us page to find contact information for each individual 1836PM team member. Our team is hard at work everyday striving to deliver the best possible property management services. Please allow us time to respond to your inquiries or feel free to set up an appointment with the team member you are trying to reach.


We look forward to speaking with you and thank you for choosing 1836 Property Management!

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