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Interior Upgrades for Your Rental Property to Attract Quality Tenants

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The aesthetic appeal of your rental property’s interior matters just as much as the exterior’s curb appeal. If prospective tenants are greeted with a gorgeous interior highlighted by updated hardwood flooring, matching light fixtures, and other niceties, they will be that much more inclined to fill out a rental application. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best rental property interior upgrades that will draw in high-quality tenants.

Updated Hardwood Flooring

Just about everyone loves hardwood floors. Update your property’s hardwood flooring and it will be the first thing that catches the eyes of prospective tenants as soon as they step inside. In particular, vinyl plank is an especially appealing option for renters. Updated floors are also beneficial for property owners and Austin rental property managers as they are that much easier to clean and
maintain, helping to make a seamless segue from one tenant to the next.  Furthermore, updated hardwood floors make it clear to tenants that you take property care seriously. 

Take a moment to consider the merits of vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl plank floors are available in a litany of patterns, colors and styles. This type of flooring has elite quality, is affordable and easy on the eyes. In fact, vinyl planks are even resistant to moisture and scratching so you won’t have to worry about humidity, spills and the movement of furniture ruining the floors. Vinyl has the elegant aesthetic of hardwood, serving to increase the value of your rental property without busting your budget. The icing on the cake is the fact that vinyl plank floors are easy to install and surprisingly affordable.

Matching Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are essential to your rental property’s presentation and appeal. Opt for matching light fixtures and you’ll create a visual theme across the entirety of the rental unit that makes it that much more appealing to prospective renters. 

Though your property’s light fixtures do not have to look exactly the same, they should have visual similarities for coordination throughout the space. Try to match or at least coordinate the lighting styles, materials, color and shape, and the resulting theme will make potential renters that much more interested in filling out an application. Even something as subtle as matching the bulbs and adornments of each light fixture will help attract tenants. 

The overarching purpose of matching light fixtures is to create a sense of unity across the entirety of your Austin rental property so there is a common thread between each of the rooms.  If you don’t want to match every single component of the lights, match their material and color at a bare minimum and you will have succeeded in creating eye-catching visual uniformity.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint the property’s interior and you will make it crystal clear that you care about the beauty, quality and appeal of the rental space. A fresh coat of paint has the potential to transform a plain and outdated room into one that looks like it was recently updated.

Consider adding a neutral grey or beige shade to your rental property’s interior. Beige is ideal as it is a catch-all hue that complements additional shades throughout the rental space. Beige is relaxed, inviting and has true mass appeal.

Alternatively, grey is also a neutral color that makes rental spaces seem somewhat sophisticated. Some light shades of grey are even borderline illuminating, serving to lighten up a rental interior that otherwise might look and feel a bit drab.

2” White Faux Wood Blinds

Though faux wood blinds might not seem like a major addition to an Austin rental property, they have the potential to make a powerful impact on potential tenants. This subtle addition to your rental space adds that special little something extra, creating the refined aesthetic of natural wood without forcing you to pay the premium necessary to add wood to your home. Some white faux wood blinds on the higher end consist of material that resists moisture and ultimately proves durable for decades to come.

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By: Kayla Gonzales, 1836PM Marketing Manager

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