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To Self-Manage My Rental Property or Hire a Professional Team?

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After being in the Austin property management business for over 13 years now, we’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to managing tenants and taking care of investment properties. While there are certainly many people that choose to self-manage their rental, the question to ask yourself is, should you? 

You might also want to consider whether self-managing would be an effective use of your time and if your lack of expertise and experience in this specific field could eventually get you in some trouble. Our goal here isn’t to scare you, but rather give you the facts. When managing a home with tenants, one oversight could mean long vacancies, unpaid rent, or even time in court. 

Seasoned real estate agents and investors hire property managers to manage their investments. Managing rental properties, tenants, repairs, contracts, code compliance issues, HOA issues, legal issues, and emergencies are not items to be taken lightly. If you don’t know what you’re doing in the current legislative environment with crews at the ready to handle any possible issue before it arises, you don’t have the tools to do this properly.

For example, would you know what to do if a fire was to break out at your rental property? What if you were unaware of the property code and the smoke detectors were not up to state law and standards when the fire occurred?  

75% of what we do is prevent problems before they arise. Just like a home, the foundation of paperwork, procedures, and processes ensure the rest of the project is on a firm footing.

When you hire a professional property management company, you’re actually hiring a team of experienced professionals that are going to be there for you and your tenant during every step of the investment and rental experience. Our team will help you get your property ready for market, help you price your property so that you get the best ROI (return on investment), get you a solid tenant, and manage all the little intricacies in between. 

At 1836 Property Management we offer 4 different property management packages that provide different levels of inclusions. We provide property management services to suit any investor’s budget, while still providing seamless end-to-end assistance. 

Give us a call today to get the partnership started! Let us handle your property management so you don’t have to.


By: Matt Leschber, 1836PM Founder and Kayla Gonzales, 1836PM Marketing Manager

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