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What’s the best month to lease? How will my property lease in X month?

I get asked this question often when meeting new owners. They especially want to know if their property will move or lease if we start out at a slower time of the year. The good news is that in our area the demand is so high that no one who properly prepares a property for market and prices it appropriately is without a tenant for long. Our company has an average of only 12.8% days of vacancy per property averaged out. That includes time to clean, repair and get the properties ready for the next tenant. But enough about us.

Here’s the stats for the Austin MLS for properties $1000-$4000/month that were leased during each month.

In 2011:
Jan-785-6.6%, Feb-731-6.1%, March-831-6.9%, April-828-7.0%, May-947-8.0%, June-1331-12.2%, July-1458-12.2%, Aug-1513-12.7%, Sept-1108-9.3%, Oct-863-7.2%, Nov-761-6.4%, Dec-761-6.4%

For 2012 I had to project since we’re only halfway through the year. Overall leasing volume in the Austin area is up however. The leased numbers are good but the percentages are based on an equal 1st and 2nd half of the year in total volume. Jan-847-7.3%, Feb-826-7.1%, March-865-7.4%, April-870-7.5%, May-1108-9.5%, June-1313-11.3%

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