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What I learned in real estate today. Each day is something new.

Well I learn something new every day in property management or real estate. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. We do not take on new clients who require the use of supplemental housing. The reasons are numerous but we’ll leave those out of this discussion. As for today we learned that specifically one particular housing authority in our area requires the installation of a working fire extinguisher. Now on the surface this is a great thing. However in application this triggers another part of the property code which says that if a fire extinguisher is onsite at a property it must be inspected biannually be a specially licensed technician. This is another bill for the owner that typically is a non-issue. These programs seems like a sure thing however I can tell you that this same housing authority which will remain nameless for the purpose of this blog, has yet to pay rent for December. 18 days later…we’ve called and email 3 people all the way to the top. They check was supposed to be in the mail last Tuesday. A week later no check. When these folks go on vacation, good luck. They will simply not send out checks and no one will help out or return calls. If you’re thinking about leasing and utilizing supplemental housing I would not advise it. While a government check sounds like a good deal, it forces you to deal with the government.