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What do you do for the money when you manage my property in Austin?

This is a hypothetical question but one I’m sure many clients ask. The hardest thing to convey is the intangible. 75% of what a property manager does is prevent problems from arising by dealing with them in advance. We set up procedures, handbooks, even tape record conversations or have 3rd parties verify findings so that when a dispute arises we’ve got the appropriate evidence on our side. Notice I didn’t say IF. Dealing with tenants can be everything from great to horrible. There are good and bad tenants, just like there are good and bad landlords and for that matter people on the street. Dealing with people however is a recipe for finding conflict. Our job is to eliminate the snowball before it can get wet and gain size. Do you know how to lay out a 28 page tenant handbook, 2 lease addenda that are custom created for our private use and then special provisions for problems that commonly occur? If you do great. If not call us today. We can manage your rental property in Austin and ensure you’re spending time with your family, not talking to an attorney from out of town about your problem tenants or situation.