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What did I learn over Christmas?

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you. We’ll be closed on the 31st and 1st returning on the 2nd bright and early.
Often writing this property management blog I find it hard to come up with relevant topics, then something appears during my day, just about every day that I thought I would never encounter. Being a property management in Austin is pretty uneventful. We do accounting, lease properties, organize maintenance, etc. There’s nothing exciting about it but it is hard work getting all parties to understand the viewpoint of the others and the need to act in ones best interest, not in one’s self interest.
As with every successful business we’re consistently seeking growth and better ways to manage the business we have. While reaching out for growth we are always talking to property investors or owners and trying to let them know the importance of what we do. It seems so easy. Some days it is. Others you can’t believe your eyes and ears. And still others you have to follow through on your work when it’s hard to do.
Just before Christmas we found a couple tenants with unapproved pets on the premises. This requires that we send out a notice and our leases contain a fine for violating this rule. Thus right before we’re headed to Christmas break we’re sending out fines and notices to people about their pets, telling them that their breaking their lease and may be evicted if the situation is not straightened out. While this seems easy enough in task, it’s difficult in action and heavy on the heart due to the timing. Never-the-less we’re hired to perform that job and we take our work seriously.
When considering whether or not you want to manage your own properties consider this. Over the last week we’ve been inspecting properties, sending out nasty-grams and fines, enforcing sections of the lease which may be contrary to peoples beloved pets, all at Christmas time. Would you be so diligent to do so in a timely matter during Christmas? If not give us a call. Our job isn’t always easy but we strive to do it to the best of our ability. Tough or not for as little as $75/month you can have someone managing your investment while you’re enjoying the holidays with your friends and family. We have someone available 24/7, 365 by phone who can dispatch emergency services if necessary. Who do your tenants call when the pipes are broken and water is flowing at 2am?
Call us today for professional full service property management in Austin Texas before you find out you needed us last week.

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