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Tinder for Vendors?

Tinder for Vendors

Tinder for Vendors?

Think about it, how much easier would courting a new vendor be if they were able to briefly describe their characteristics as a company? Oh, you don’t do net 30? Swipe left. Can’t provide before and after photos? Swipe left. Waived trip charge if the work is approved? Well swipe right!

I’m sure we all wish it were that easy when it comes to developing a working relationship with vendors in property management. It requires a great deal of trust between both parties to commit towards quality work for our clients and their real estate investments. One way to establish this concept is to contractually agree with one another everyone’s expectations. This agreement can allow both businesses to expect and meet all expressed standards while allowing everyone to strive for success. While this may seem extreme for some, it does eliminate the possibility of confusion, assumption, and inevitably disappointment.

Until our society accepts the mobile speed dating for businesses, we find it best to lay all the cards out on the table before “getting into bed” with a vendor. Much like a relationship, you’d rather know ahead of time than invest your efforts over the long haul. After all, it’s business.

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