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If you didn’t catch the Wall Street Journal today, then you may have seen the real estate investment news on CNN. The title of the article is “Home Prices Hit a Milestone
Growing Demand, Shrinking Supply Buoy Housing Market; ‘Tide Has Changed'”
Those of us managing rental properties in Austin saw this coming last summer. We had applicants fighting over properties. We would receive up to 4 applications for one opening. While many renters were disappointed it was great for our owners. We currently have two vacancies. One which went on the market yesterday and hasn’t even been fully made ready and another that went on 4 days ago. We’re expecting two sets of different applicants on the second property this morning. Did I mention that we priced it about 15% above the comps that we could justify? Now don’t get me wrong. We did a complete remodel on this home. It’s in a good condition for a rental with new flooring, paint, carpet, etc… It is not a model home but is properly positioned for the best overall return and condition. It’s clean, empty and nothing is out of line or order in the home or yard.
While this market won’t be around forever, we’re expecting the next 5 years to be a boom time for investors. If you can manage to put 20% down, obtain a rental property today at 4% or less in interest on a 15 year note, you’re going to be laughing in 15 years when the prices of materials have tripled, the cost of your home has thus doubled and you now own a asset outright that will pay for your retirement.
Call us today to get started down the path of financial independence. We know the way and it’s through real estate investments in Austin Texas among other places.

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