FAQs for Residents

Have burning questions about expectations as a tenant? We have answers!

Coronavirus (Covid-19): Notice to Tenants and Available Community Resources

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How do I submit a maintenance request?

For non-emergencies, login to your online tenant portal, fill out the maintenance request form explaining the issue/s as thoroughly as possible and provide your contact info. Our staff will respond within 24 business hours.

If it’s an emergency and after hours, please call us at 512-994-4323, and follow the prompts to reach our emergency maintenance line.

I submitted a work order for something that ended up not needing a repair. Now I have a bill from the trip charge from the vendor. Why do I have to pay this?

Imagine you are the owner and received a bill from a vendor who inspected a dishwasher that a tenant reported as inoperable. It turns out that the power switch was not in the ‘on’ position. Would you feel the bill belonged to you? These things happen, especially when you’ve recently moved in and are not aware of the property characteristics. However, the fact remains that a bill has to be paid by the appropriate party for the efforts made. If you ever have any concerns reach out to our maintenance staff or your property manager to troubleshoot the problem.

The refrigerator broke down, and the vendor said it needs to be replaced and requires approval from the owner. Why do I have to wait for approval?

A broken appliance that needs replacement is never a fun process. While we are enabled by the owner to make repairs, there is a spending limit. Typically, appliance replacements go above that spending limit. Therefore the owner must approve the expense. While we are eager to move to the next step, owners are sometimes not available immediately or may want to get additional estimates to ensure the diagnosis, and the cost is valid. Rest assured that we aim to limit your wait time and will provide a temporary fix

I have an appointment for the microwave to be repaired, but only my 13-year-old son will be home for the appointment. Is that okay?

Sorry, but this is not possible. An adult must be present at the time a vendor or team member visits the property when a minor is at home. No exceptions. This would apply to any owner of a home, not just tenants.

My sister visits sometimes and has a small dog that would come as well. It’s only a couple times a month, so I don’t need a pet agreement, right?

We love pets! However, there are processes in place that remove liability from all parties. Even if the dog were to stay 24 hours, pet damage could occur on the property. There’s also a chance the dog could cause harm to itself or someone else while on the property. No matter the duration of the stay, a pet must be approved and documented with a pet agreement. You will also incur a pet payment if approved. Going through the pet approval process is better than us catching an unauthorized pet on the premises and you facing a stiff fine as outlined in your lease. It’s not worth it.

Now my sister has decided to move in. Can you add her name to the lease?

Welcome, sis! First, she needs to apply just as you did. We need to make sure the tenant qualifications are met by all parties. That’s fair, right? Once approved, we add her name to the lease. As this takes more staff time to produce the change in documents and systems, there will be a minimal administrative fee associated.

I love the color purple. It’s okay if I paint the whole house purple, right?

It could be fun living inside a giant grape. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Painting is tricky, so we cannot rely on tenants to complete something like this properly. If you would like something painted, submit an Architectural Change Request Form with the details. There will also be a stipulation that the condition is returned to its original state when you move out. For both painting projects, they will be completed, at the tenant’s expense, by one of our approved vendors.

How can I pay rent?

You may pay primarily through your tenant portal. If unable you may use the drop box at our office, however, your lease probably contains a charge for paper payments. Please note that funds must be received by the due date. The postmark is not relevant.

Log in to the tenant portal

I want to pay my rent early, but I don’t see the charge online for rent yet. When will the rent payment post to my account?

Rent will post on your account on the 1st of every month. Of course, you’re welcome to pay rent anytime. When you pay rent any day before the 1st, the account will show a credit until the 1st when the charge posts. The account will then balance.

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