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So, You’ve Been Fired.



Ouch. Rejection in business can be rough and especially costly. This is especially true if you’ve already invested a good amount of time and effort into the relationship, only to be dropped like a ball. Of course, the failing business relationship is fairly natural. Not everyone is going to get along, however, it’s important to walk away with perspective. Here are a few ways to turn a negative into a positive.


Don’t be afraid to ask why. I believe our pride harms us in many ways. One way is refusing to acknowledge failure or disappointment caused by ourselves. Accepting that failure is inevitable allows you to want to improve upon those flaws. Of course, if you set fire to someone’s car, maybe you know the reason why things didn’t work out. Otherwise, push through that pride and figure out where your blind spots are. There’s always room for improvement.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for another chance. After recognizing what fell apart to begin with, offer to make it right and correct the road to continue the relationship. Genuine acceptance and accountability can go a long way when someone is disappointed. I’ve definitely changed my perspective on a vendor after they had admitted to a weakness. I found that accountability a strong characteristic that our company can cherish. Today, they are now a preferred vendor for our residential repairs.

Lastly, thank them for the opportunity to work together. Just because it didn’t work out, doesn’t mean it has to end in a negative tone. Effort was made on both parts, so it’s nice to show gratitude where deserved. Keep it light and polite. Allow yourself to let go and feel good about the separation. It will show in your next endeavor!

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