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So you want to manage your property from afar? How are you with sob stories and complaints? How about…

So you want to manage your property from afar? How are you with sob stories and complaints? How about just plain mean messages from tenants? There's nothing like saving $100/month but starting off every weekend by getting an email from your tenant on Friday at 5pm stating the toilet is broken and they have an infant and can't use the facilities. How about three tenants who are hearing impaired and one has been sexually assaulted by their roommate and they can only text back and forth? That person would like out of the lease immediately, on a Friday, at 5pm and the other roommates can't afford the rental on their own. What would you do?

What about a tenant who doesn't like that the condo association has been slow to repair a gate so they take it upon themselves to use a bicycle lock and lock the entire gate so no one can get in or out? Can you say fire hazard? Yes the condo complex is fining the tenant and the fire department had to remove the chain in the middle of the night. We get to be the intermediary.

Don't think tenants, toilets and troubles are for you? Call us today for your Austin and Central Texas property management needs. We deal with these headaches so you can enjoy your weekend and evenings.

We'll leave you with an excerpt from a email we received last week. Of course the tenants info will remain confidential, however you can see how this might feel at 4:28pm on a Friday, right before you're about to start your weekend. Asterisks have been inserted by us out of courtesy. 🙂 By the way this tenant was being helped to re-lease their unit early because they wanted to depart prior to the end of their lease term, at no cost and was warned that they needed to stay current on rent prior to the late fees being applied. Give an inch…We don't waive fees. It's called fair housing because it's supposed to be fair and equal for all. It's written in the tenants handbook that every tenant signs.

"I know you can wave the fee. I know you have the power to do that. It's okay though. You should try being a little more human instead of a robot. I'm not like any other tenant. I moved out to better my life and y'all can't help someone when they need it. I'm not asking for much here. I want to get away from this like you do. Renting this out at 1525 and waiving a late fee is all in your hands. Trying to say this as nice as possible so please don't think I'm just some a**hole. Just put yourself in my shoes for just a little while and you will see where I'm coming from."

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