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So what did you do with your weekend? Considering managing your own property?

As you may know we keep a 24/7 call line available 365 days a year. At 2am they have the ability to troubleshoot problems and dispatch vendors or advise tenants as required. They are very good at their job and they’re not cheap to employ. To be honest this is how I sleep well at night. We all go to a movie, to the bathroom, to sleep and don’t always hear the phone. These guys back us up even when we’re in meetings during the day.
If you’re considering managing your own property consider this. This weekend we had our annual flood. About once a year at min. we have a property flood from either faulty pipes, freezing weather, condensation lines, leaky hot water heaters and this time was a new one…a broken clothes washer.
We had someone on site within a couple hours and have details of the entire process documented and time/date stamped should we need to get insurance involved. What have you done this weekend? Hopefully for as little as $2.50/day you’ve enjoyed time with your family and not answering calls like these. This is what we get paid to do. Handle the unexpected and have policies in place so that when the unexpected happens, it’s contained and professionally managed. Call us today for the best property management team in Austin Texas and enjoy your family time with your family, instead of with your tenants.
-1836 Property Management

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