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Section 8 a sure bet?

Well I’m home today sick. I was starting to think that since my trusty sidekick was in the office taking care of business I might not have much to blog about. Oh how something always pops up in this business. It’s always something new. Anyone can find a tenant and lease a property. The problem arises when there are problems that arise. Strange situations are a daily occurrence around our office.
Today we’re battling something that many think is a safe bet. We work with only a very very small number of tenants and homes in the Austin area that utilize section 8 or supplemental housing. We don’t take on any new properties that are section 8. While it seems like a sure bet, don’t count your money just yet. This month as with many others the check from one of our local housing authorities doesn’t arrive. The person in charge of our property is out of the office for a week, we leave multiple messages over a period of more than a week. We leave multiple messages for her supervisor over the same period. No call back. Finally I email the head of the program explaining the issues and his response is short and curt. Someone will call you back today. That was last week the supervisor finally called me back. She stated some paperwork got lost, never mentioned the lack of a call back and said the check went out last week on Tuesday. Today is Wednesday a week later, we literally had to go to the office to ask what was going on because no one would respond and the check never arrived. The irony is that while at the housing authority office there was someone else there in the exact same situation. Need a hassle, rent to someone that can’t pay rent in full or bind yourself in a contract with the section 8 program. While some of their clients are honestly good people, we recommend against the program, every time.

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