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Property Management Tip of the day from your Austin Texas Property Manager

Hi Everyone,

Well today the tip of the day is to ensure your properties are properly made ready.  This means clean, preferably new paint, cleaned, non-stained, flooring, clean walls on exterior, clean flowerbeds, no personal property left behind and if a dog has been digging holes in the yard, fill them in.

We have a few owners from time to time that don’t want to properly perform the make ready. This will come back to bite you 10 times. Any applicant that will accept a property in poor or less than favorable condition is doing so for a reason. They have something to hide or are desperate. Either way that’s not the person you want in your home. It’s a matter of time before they do more damage and stop paying rent.

Take your time to do the job right. Don’t skimp on repairs. You do not have to spend big bucks but you have to finish out the details. Simply handing the keys to someone is not acceptable. If you’re trying to move one tenant out on the 31st and another in on the 1st you’re doing it right. It takes a little time. Not much but a little. Give yourself at min. 10 days. Expect the utility companies to be a hassle. Expect the painters to be late. Expect to find things you didn’t know you needed to repair. If you didn’t find anything new to fix you didn’t look hard enough.

Cost effective is the way to go but skimping is not cost effective.

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