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What do I need to know before hiring an Austin, Texas property manager for my rental property?

Should I hire an Austin, Texas property manager for my rental property?

This video will go into some detail about what an investor or landlord needs to know before hiring an Austin Property Manager. If you’re considering hiring someone to manage your property in Austin, Texas they must be licensed as a real estate agent, supervised by a licensed broker and authorized to conduct property management. They must know more than just how to put out a sign and pick up a check. And more importantly if they say yes to everything you ask them to do, and you are not a tier one property manager, you may be getting sold services that can’t be fulfilled. Strong, experienced property managers do business a certain way and have processes and procedures in writing. It’s the only way to deliver service, on time and exceed expectations. If someone tells you everything you want to hear and doesn’t share with you their experiences they may not have any experience or the strength to do the right thing. Strong leaders make great managers.

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