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Manage Properties? Manage Stress!


Manage Properties? Manage Stress!


“I don’t have the time to eat breakfast!”


“I’m too tired to exercise.”


“I need that 4th copy of the contract, just in case!”


There’s no doubt about it, property management has its moments. Between chasing rent payments and executing contracts, things can get a bit stressful in the office. One thing we have learned lately is to not stop managing your anxiety when managing real estate. Here’s a few tips to help with those stressful moments throughout the work week!


  1. Eat breakfast. This might sound simple, but so many people skip those important doses of nutrients that help that body and mind start the day right. Make the time and fill that tank.
  2. Get to work earlier. Think about it. Beating traffic means less anxiety. Less anxiety means more clarity. More clarity means better production. Catch my drift?
  3. Eliminate clutter. Do you really need 4 copies of that contract? How about 50 pens for a desk fit for 1 person? Minimize your items to the essentials and you’ll feel a mental weight minimize as well.
  4. Play music. Austin is the music capital of the world! How can you not jam some local tunes while marketing your properties? At a low, acceptable volume of course.
  5. Take a walk. Fresh air does wonders for the brain and body. I can pull some scientific facts about it, but let’s just cut to the chase and say I’m right. Get outside for 5 minutes and enjoy the world outside of the computer and phone. It’s kind of nice.

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