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Local Austin positive referrals…

OK so while buying a home may be the most nerve racking purchase there are a couple right behind this one….buying a car and a cell phone because of the commitment both require.  Over the last month I was required to buy both and I was dreading it! I’m getting nothing from this plug but simply want to share a positive experience as it’s so uncommon. I got my cell phone from a guy named Ciso who worked the phone kiosk at Costco by William Cannon and Mopac. We talked with Ciso on the way into the store, paid for the phone, returned it to him and he had it programmed and ready to go before we left. It was ridiculously easy compared to going to the Ver!$@^ store. We’ve all been to those stores, they are hell on earth. I got over double the return policy and a 2 year warranty vs. 1 year as costco does with all of their electronics (extra year). If you need a cell phone it’s worth buying a costco membership just to let Ciso handle it. They cell the other brands as well and their all lined up. Our was an upgrade vs. new account and it was no problem. The second thing I had to buy was a car. Every buyer has the same feeling. I don’t want to spend a fortune and I don’t want to get taken advantage of or buying a lemon. I found some guys in N. Austin/Pflugerville that run a warehouse style internet car sale business. It was so easy and non-threatening you wouldn’t believe it. They were actually nice people with nice used cars and made the experience as easy as it could possibly be. If you need a car I highly recommend the crew at www.AustinEAutos.com Just check it out, you won’t be sorry.

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