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Let’s Talk About Your HOA

HOA’s, Let’s Talk


HOA’s and property management, now that’s a scary combination! Two parties, other than the owner of the property, trying to control the characteristics and mechanics of a tenant residing within a community can definitely lead to conflict. Of course, everyone has the best intentions in mind for their overall purpose, but let’s face it, it’s no picnic.


Our office here in Austin has had its fair share of quarrels with various HOA companies. Everything from trash cans in view to scheduling pet interviews with the board for a potential renter, we’ve seen it. However with each one of these situations, we have found the best possible weapon for a common solution; communication. When things are left undocumented and up in the air for interpretation for at least four different parties involved, something is bound to be incorrect and/or misunderstood. This can result in conflict, misdirection, and even unwarranted expenses, such as fines.


When it comes to HOA’s, keep in mind that the other voice across the phone and the sender of that unfortunate email is a human being as well. Constructive communication can only bridge the gap between all parties, allowing each one to lower their guard and find a long-term solution. As the saying goes, ‘can’t we all just get along’?