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Let’s Talk About Property Management

Managing residential properties is easy right? Maybe and maybe not.

Approx. 2/3 of single family rentals that are non-owner occupied are managed by the owners or friends. 1/3 are professionally managed. So the question may be phrased as is it worth it to hire a professional. We do so for haircuts, dentistry, even mowing our yard. So why not have a specialist manage your $150,000 investment for less than you pay the yard man?

Today we received word that there was a break in at one of our properties yesterday. No one was home but some personal property was stolen from the tenants. If you’re managing this property what would you do? What are you legally required to do? What should you do? Now how does all that impact your tenant and indirectly your bottom line.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions immediately you might need help managing your property. It’s not that this happens every day but knowing what to do in order to avoid bad situations and how to properly handle them when they arise can cost as little as $80/month.

Spend time with you family. Enjoy your life. Let us worry about the details. We’re great at it.

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