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Kiplinger’s says Austin, TX is the best place to live for the next decade

Austin, Texas city skyline at night

Austin, Texas city skyline at nigh

Wanted to share with you just how great of a place Austin, TX is to live and raise a family.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine came out yesterday ranking Austin, TX as the best place in the country to live for the next ten years! Kiplinger cites the almost classless city where “hippie communalism coexists with no-nonsense capitalism” and that the diversity is the strongest incubator for small business start up. It’s also not hurting Austin to have dozens of venture capital funds within the city limits AND Texas doesn’t have a state income tax.

Bottom line is that Austin, Texas will be the economic powerhouse of the southwest until 2020 – and you’re going to need a place to live!

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