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Interested in talking about property management software?

Here’s our reply to a facebook question on one of our partner realty companies websites.

“You had mentioned a Property Management Application or software to keep up with rental properties that was good to consider… would you please share that information again please?! I seem to have fallen into that area of biz….! Thanks!!”
There are a considerable number of software programs on the market designed to be used for property management professionals. The majority of full service programs such as Appfolio and Buildium are designed to be used by professional property managers. They incorporate a number of features such as owners disbursements and/or vendor management that typical owner/managers may not want or need.
For owner managers there are some simplified programs produced such as Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 that may do the trick. A few of these may also be integrated with tax software depending on the product you choose. There are also several Apple or Android products on the app market that may enable you to do some of this on your tablet computer.
If you’re managing so many properties that you’re actually having to track things in such a detailed manner you may want to ask yourself if this is the most efficient use of your time. For example our minimum management fee is $80 per month. If you’re a working professional making $75,000 a year you’re much more efficient and effective focusing your efforts on your area of expertise and family than trying to learn another profession or spending your weekends driving to check out tenants problems. I don’t even consider doing my own taxes because the expert CPA I use saves me ten times the investment or more. The same can be said about property management. Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should. Call us anytime for more information.

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