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Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?

Most inquiries we receive want to know “what do you charge?” Since the true answer is more complex than just the surface pricing we created an educational video to help owners see what they may run into down the road and how $10/month could save you $1500/year. Those videos may be found under the LEASE 101 tab above. However we had to stop posting our pricing online as others were using our details as a comparison. This week we received proof. For the last few months we’ve been marketing to local agents so that when they have a client who can’t sell or financially shouldn’t sell they’ll call us. Numbers were included in this advertisement. On Monday of this week we received the exact same advertisement by email from another local property management company with the same numbers, reworded and re-branded. Now I’m not saying we’re the only ones in town that can manage your property. I’m just saying that the competition is taking note. It’s for good reason. Our clients are pleased enough with our services to write glowing reviews online and refer their friends. We beat the competition from every angle. Call us today to find out how a little pride in your business and care goes a long way.

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