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How long has it been since you’ve painted the exterior of your home?

If you own a home normal maintenance is just part of the bargain. Hot water heater and air conditioners last about ten years. Looks like paint and many other items have a ten year life expectancy as well. Here’s a great article on exterior painting. http://welcome.homeadvisor.com/painting_primer/?m=homesense&entry_point_id=31604171

Don’t get surprised when things break. If you’re leasing a home it may be the first day a tenant a moves in or years deep into their lease. Don’t think maintenance items won’t come up. Just prepare for them to and save about 10% of your rental income to offset these expenses. While you may have less than that in expenses on a new home, at some point you’ll be glad you’ve got the money put aside and hey if you don’t use it even better.

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