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Congratulations to Carissa, Leila and Joe for getting selected at random to win a Yeti tumbler for participating in our year end survey.

Does your property management company do surveys? What do their clients and tenants think about their services? At 1836 Property Management it’s important to stay in front of problems and take great care of our clients. If you’re looking for a property management in Austin, TX would you like one that…

Has 77% of tenants believing we are positively helpful and only 17% saying sometimes….not bad for landlord-tenant relations.

Has 84% of our owners felt that their property was managed in a professional manner. Of the unhappy 16% just about all were correlated to having to spend money to maintain their properties.

85% of our owners would positively recommend us to other real estate investors. 5% were undecided.

80% of owner believed that even with Dollar General or Wal Mart style property management companies that have moved into Austin “1836 offers a great value”.

Not to brag but did you know were are typically 9%-21% cheaper than the low cost providers once you total all of their fees?

For the best value and best property management services in Austin, Texas call us today. www.1836PropertyManagement.com

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