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I didn't think I'd have anything for the property management blog this week however something always seems to pop up. Today I'd like to coin a new phrase "SHAME-BLAME."

The new phrase is "Shame-Blame". Shame-Blame is when someone doesn't do what they should have done and should be ashamed but instead of taking responsibility they blame someone else.
Ex. I parked my car on the grass at the grocery store because I didn't want to walk to the end of the parking lot to find an open space. When I returned my car was towed. The grocery store should really do something to provide better parking so I'm not inconvenienced and now I have to deal with those tow truck people and it's going to ruin my night. Why don't they have better signage?
Used in a sentence, "John just shame-blamed the waiter for his failure to order correctly."

Working in customer service, as many many people do, I can't for the life of me figure out why people refuse to claim responsibility or blame others instead of simply doing what's right, paying a fine or asking for clarification on a subject. Why not say "I probably should not have done that. It was not intentional. How can I make it right?" or "I don't think I ordered the very well done burger. I thought I ordered it medium. Is this very well done or medium."

Can't we all just give each other the opportunity to be human. Can't we all just do the right thing and take responsibility and move on? Maybe not from what I see. Just for the record. I'm human but I can take responsibility and so can our company. At 1836, we're certainly not perfect but if you want someone who can do the right thing or at least explain the big picture give us a call.

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