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Hanging by a Limb? Time for a Trim!

Hanging by a Limb? Time for a Trim!

Did you know that tree limbs can cause many forms of damage to your property? Not only can they scratch the wood, paint, and windows, but they can also provide an entrance ramp for wood eating insects and critters. Not to mention the heavier bad boys that can break off and damage the roof!

Austin has had some unpredictable weather lately. Between the heavy rainstorms and rapid wind, roofs across town have been taking a major beating from the hovering threats from above. For those real estate investments, it’s always best to have a professional safety trim or remove those low limbs as well instead of relying on the tenant to take the initiative. Is there anything scarier to an investor than a tenant standing on a ladder on their property? Well, maybe a pit bull, but that’s another subject.

Make sure your property management company is monitoring those levels of needed manicuring accurately for your rental property. Preventative maintenance is key to reducing costs and liability for everyone involved.