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Do you need a property manager? How to property management?

You might need a property manager if you’re unsure how to handle these situations. These are based on actual situations that we have encountered.

Accounting and documentation:

Do I know how to hold the tenants security deposit in compliance with state law?
How do I track and document maintenance requests?
How do I track expenses and income for my taxes?
Property code and municipal requirements for all rental properties in Texas:

Are there any door locks, viewing devices and rekeying requirements?
What are the smoke detector requirements?
Who is in charge of regulating parking places and issues?
Where can BBQ pits be stored?
Are fire extinguishers supposed to be maintained if they remain on the property?

Make ready standards-How do I maintain and schedule the following:

Cleaning requirements – home and carpets
Paint conditions
Flooring conditions
Landscaping conditions
Plumbing and electrical
Personal property

Application process:

What published criteria should I use?
Am I responsible for protection of personal information?
How do I disclose and require charges and acceptable funds?
Do I have the ability to perform credit, criminal, employment and past rental history verification?
What are the procedures and timelines for signing leases and moving in new tenants?


How do I handle acceptable and unacceptable pets and published criteria for both?
Can I obtain verification of pets breed, size, age and vaccination through veterinary records?
What if the tenant brings unapproved or additional pets on the property?

Leasing signing process:

How long is it acceptable to hold a property vacant waiting for a tenant to move in?
How do I know the utilities have been changed over to the tenant? What if they were not?
How do I know if the tenant has purchased renters insurance?
How do I know that the tenant will turn in their inventory and condition form?
How do I know that the tenant and I agree on the condition of the property?
What do I do if the tenant doesn’t like the condition of the property?
What do I do if the tenant leased the home sight unseen and now wants to back out?
How long do I have to have the home rekeyed?

Tenants and HOA’s:

What do I Include as standards in the lease addenda to cover HOA regulations.
Do I have an extensive Landlords Rules and Regulations addenda to use?.
What do I do when the tenant violates the HOA rules and you receive a notice of such?
What do I do when the tenants violates the HOA rules for a second time?
What do I do when the tenants continue to violate the HOA rules?
How do I negotiate with the tenants and HOAs to ensure compliance and satisfaction?
Move in day or process:

What if the tenants bring in cash?
What if the tenants can not make it on the day the start the lease?
What if the tenants change their mind after signing the lease?

Evictions and/or late rent:

What do I do if rent isn’t received on time?
What formal notices are required?
What happens if they are typically late payers but now I’m ready to evict?
How do evictions work? How long do evictions take? How much do they cost?
What happens if the tenant pays rent but not the late fees?
What happens if the tenant mails a money order but it never arrives?
What happens if I rent to a section 8 tenant and the housing authority check is never received?

Maintenance or modification requests:

What do I do when a shared fence goes down in a windstorm?
What do I do if the neighbor has the fence repaired without my permission, then asks to split the bill?
What requirements do I have for service providers?
Do I know how to ensure that tenants will maintain properties?
What if the tenants makes a maintenance request I disagree with?
What if the tenant wants to put in a garden?
What if the tenant bring a trampoline or swing set onto the property?
What if the tenant wants to paint a room or multiple rooms?
What if the tenant complains about the carpet or condition of the home?
What if the tenant wants to use their appliances instead of the ones provided?
What if the tenant doesn’t believe the AC or heat is functioning properly?
What if the tenant wants to add someone to the lease?
What if a tenant wants to be removed from the lease?
What if a tenant passes away while their lease is active?


How often do I inspect the home and its condition?
What is the proper way to do so with tenants on the property?
Am I allowed to visit the property at my leisure without notifying the tenants?


Who do I contact first if there is a flood, fire, or crime on the property?
If the property is unlivable due to any damages from a natural disaster, what do I do with the tenants?
If I offer the tenants a temporary home, do they still pay rent?

Early departure or abandonment issues:

What do I do if a tenant wants to break the lease early?
What charges can I set for leaving the lease early?
How are the security deposits treated when this happens?
The tenant abandoned the property with major damages, now what?
How can I market a property with a tenant currently in place?
Unusual requests or situations:

The tenants want their own appliances rather than the ones provided. How does this work?
The current tenants want to install a perimeter around the pool. Who does this and at whose expense?
What do I do when the tenant tell me that they have found mold?
What if a tenant calls a handyman for service, realizes that they should have reported the repair to the property manager first, then requests to be reimbursed for the service call?
What do I do when the neighbors complain about my tenant?
Move out processes:

What kind of notice should I request from the tenant (30 day, 60 day, etc)?
Who will document the condition of the property upon the tenant’s departure and how will it be documented?
What is normal wear and tear?
What if the carpet is worn out? How long is carpet supposed to last?
What if there are nail holes in the walls? How big is too big?
What if they scuffed the paint?
What if the tenants left personal property behind? What do I do with it and when?
What if the appliances are not working upon move out?


Security deposit itemizations and legal requirements:
What if the tenant does more damage than the security deposit can cover?
Do I have to give an itemized bill to the tenant of what was deducted from their deposit?
How long do I have to send the remaining deposit to the tenant?
I do not have a forwarding address, now what?
What if there were multiple tenants who were unrelated?
If you need an expert in property management in Austin and/or central Texas give us a call today. At 1836 Property Management we have the answers and can solve your tenant related problems quickly and easily.

Broker/Owner – Matt Leschber


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