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Did I tell you Austin was not only the live music capital of the world but also the dog capital?

Well I never thought I would say it or be the guy. We always joke with our out of town friends that everyone has a dog in Austin. Now look. Lucky arrived yesterday via Austin Bergstrom Airport at about 4pm. I’m not sure he’s slept yet. Puppies….
Anyway it looks like 1836 Realty and Property Management now has a mascot. I was always jealous of the well mannered poodle at our favorite Austin jewelry store. Let’s hope this dog can find some manners. So far the only thing he’s found is how to make me pick up after him.

If you need the best property manager in town. Give us a call we’re here to serve you. Come by and visit Lucky. Hopefully we can have him potty trained at some point.

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