1836 Property Management Company Adaptations and Preventative Measures Regarding Covid-19 Virus

Dear 1836 PM family,


Due to the recent developments of Covid-19 in the Austin area, we have decided to take adaptive and preventative measures regarding our day-to-day business operations. Our priority is to keep our staff and clients safe while remaining unwavering in our business continuity. 

Stability in Management:

Last Friday 1836 had an all hands on deck meeting to discuss the situation, options and potential adaptations. Residents will still need homes and investors still have mortgages and bills to pay. Our job is to ensure we deliver the best possible service during this crisis while putting safety first. We will continue working steadfastly toward that goal. 

Office Visits:

Service hours are 9am – 4:30pm, M-F. We ask that anytime you need our focused attention you set up a convenient time to connect by phone, video or as needed so that we may deliver superior service. Due to the current situation, we need to reduce everyone’s exposure and therefore will be working remotely and/or rotating in-office staff. Office visits will be by appointment only. Since many of our clients have never had the opportunity to visit us on South Congress this may result in no noticeable change. 


Fortunately, we began planning long ago for flexibility and an increased level of service. Our employees have the ability to work from home when necessary and our communication system supports this. Video conferencing may be requested anytime and delivered through google hangouts. If you haven’t used this service before, we highly recommend it. It’s simple to use and free. Due to the reduction in distractions that a healthy office provides you may even see an increase in available staff as they spend less time in Austin traffic as well as managing walk-ins and deliveries. 


If you are dropping off checks, keys, etc, you can find our black drop box outside the store Feathers on Milton St. Please notify the office as soon as these items are dropped off so someone can set a time to retrieve them. Items left in that exterior box for long periods of time may disappear from vandalism. 

Move-in’s and Move-outs:

Move in’s, move-outs and showings will still occur but will be limited to vacant properties only*. The entire rental industry has been moving toward showing vacant and ready properties only for years. This results in happier residents and investors. Ask your property manager about a “lock box move in”.

*If you live in any of our properties except UT housing you will more than likely not have any realtors entering your property to show it to prospective tenants. 

Spring Walk-Throughs

We have postponed semi-annual walk-throughs until such a time as it is deemed appropriate to resume. We are finalizing a custom software that will enable us to cost-effectively deliver a pdf to all investors including pictures and a detailed list of any maintenance needs and/or lease violations discovered.  


We will still be conducting maintenance as requested and/or necessary on the properties we manage. We’ve added a layer of protection to help keep everyone safe and clear of possible contamination. Listed below are a number of precautions techs should all be taking when whenever supplies are available:

  1. Wear gloves
  2. Sanitiza hands
  3. Wear a mask as well if indoors
  4. Shoe Covers
  5. Do not remain in homes longer than necessary to limit exposure.
  6. Once finished with work, discard soiled materials and disinfect as best as you can before moving onto your next job.
  7. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and face as much as possible throughout the day.

We’re suggesting residents not be present while work is performed to limit the number of people on the job site. The fewer people in any given area, the less likely the spread of anything possibly harmful. If it becomes necessary to postpone/cancel jobs as things progress, we will start making a list of the highest priority jobs so that once things return to normal, maintenance can be scheduled appropriately.

Resident Resources:

For resources regarding housing regulations, financial assistance, and other useful community services, please visit our Tenant FAQ’s page or click here to go to our community resources page.

Resources for Property Owners:

Click here for a collection of resources  compiled by the National Association of Realtors.

Want to Talk Through It?

If you have any questions or concerns, or just miss us, our staff is available by phone (512-994-4323) between 9am and 4:30pm. Please don’t hesitate to set up a time in advance so we can research and efficiently deliver answers. If for any reason you can’t reach us by phone you can always send us an email at info@1836realty.com or directly to the person you’re trying to reach.


Thank you for your continued trust in us. We’re here working for you, in Austin, every day. 


-Your 1836 Realty & Property Management Team

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