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Commentary on other Austin Texas property managers – About Property Management part 3

So here it goes. I’m going to stick my neck out there. I’m going to step out of my crowd and defend another, real estate agents. I follow the competition. I read their blogs. I also subscribe to numerous general business journals and trade magazines. What I can’t figure out is how others can’t figure out what business we, as property managers, are in.

I’m reading blog after blog about how horrible agents are, how they can’t fill out applications, how they can’t screen tenants, etc. Do these property managers not know that it’s a small world? Do they not know that no one likes a complainer? Do they not know that we are in the customer service business?

We may be property managers by trade but we are in the customer service business. If our clients are not happy, we’re not providing the proper level of service. If our tenants aren’t happy, the same goes. If our colleagues are not happy because we belittle them, we’re just blind.

Agents that walk into our office with applications half filled out are not just uninformed or lazy, they’re also in need of someone to help them understand what’s going on. These guys represent a wide open opportunity to build a relationship with someone that might refer business to our company. These agents represent potential tenants that will one day need to lease a home.

We have a reputation with agents in this community that know homes that we put on the market are ready to lease. We don’t accept dumps nor put them on the market. Because of this our homes get shown by choice. We have leasing agents that come back to us time and time again because we treat them with respect and kindness. Being condescending is something that may feel good for frustrated property managers. It’s also something that can effect an owners bottom line without them knowing the cause.

Let me say this loud and clear, WE ARE IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE BUSINESS. While we manage properties that’s just our daily duty. We’re here to ensure everyone is as pleased as possible. While not always easy because we deal with delicate topics and send out bills to responsible parties, we can do it with a smile.

If you’re comparing property managers look beyond the bargain and select someone with a bigger vision of their role. Your bottom line profit may be at risk if their temperament isn’t always as nice as during your interview.

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