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How is your Austin property manager treating your tenants?

While quality of care for our owners is important, quality of service to our tenants is also a very big deal. If property managers don’t provide great customer service to the tenants, they won’t renew their leases. Poor customer service by landlords and/or property managers is the number 1 reason tenants do not renew their leases.

What’s an Austin investor to do? Just like anything else in life, hire for quality, not to save $10. That $10 will cost you $1000 or more when tenants fail to renew, your property isn’t properly maintained and you’ve got to cover the mortgage while seeking a new tenant. We say this all the time but snappy advertising by some big names can steer folks the wrong way. The good news for us is all that those national companies can’t keep people happy if the service isn’t there. While a national company has come into our market and gained some traction, their clients are now leaving and entering the market looking for quality. 1836 is here to help!

So how do you know if you’re tenants are being treated well if you’re in another state? Ask your property manager what they do to ensure client satisfaction and retain tenants. Here’s a survey response from yesterday from one of our tenant related to a service call for maintenance.


PAGE 1: Punctuality of Service.
Q1: Did the tech show up on time/as promised?
  • (no label)There were early and waiting for us!
Q2: What was the name of the company and the specific tech?

Appliance Connection – Jeffrey – This vendor was terrific start to finish. Jeff called early and showed WAY early for each visit. Very pleased with their service.

PAGE 2: Quality of Service.
Q3: Did the tech complete the work to the job specifications or have they agreed to obtain parts and finish the job if required?
  • The job was completed wonderfully and/or I trust they will return as soon as they can. I’ll be referring them business.
Q4: If a follow up appointment was needed were you able to get this scheduled?
  • Yes
PAGE 3: What else can we do to support you and/or do the job better next time?
Q5: Should we need to follow up on your service call, we’ll need to know your address. Please fill that in here.


Q6: What else can we do to support you and/or do the job better next time?

My experience with both super Tenders, and the vendor were great. I feel like this was handled as quickly as I could reasonably expect. Great work.