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Austin Property Manager Tip O’ the Day

Plan ahead. We see so many owners that fail to plan and save money for repairs that it’s concerning. When a commercial entity manages a large project they plan and budget for expected and unexpected expenses. The rainy day fund shouldn’t stop at $100.00. Residential properties are no different than larger projects, they require maintenance and putting off scheduled maintenance only causes more damage. Now ask us about tenant turnover. We estimate that every other year your property will turn over. That’s a rule of thumb to use but of course you’ll end up with the property that turns over every year. Without changes in flooring such as moving away from carpet and toward tile or a more permanent solution and a paint that can easily be touched up you’re talking big bucks. Do it right the first time and you’ll save big bucks down the road. Install a more durable, attractive type of flooring when it’s needed and use a quality paint like Sherman Williams. You’ll be happy that you did.

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