Rent Your Property Without the Management Contract

Lease your property faster, to better tenants, for more money.

Figuring out what to charge for rent, marketing your property, and vetting potential tenants is a daunting prospect for any landlord, whether you own one property or many. With 1836’s lease-only services, you will save valuable time and get peace of mind that your property is up to code and leased to the ideal tenant for the greatest return on your investment. Don’t guess about marketing strategies and miss out on the best tenants. Don’t guess about which tenant to accept. Don’t guess about market rents potentially costing yourself months of vacancy. Our expertise will remove the guesswork.

Our Lease-Only Service Package

Legal and Code Compliance

We’ll ensure all federal, state, and municipal laws are followed including:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Federal Fair Housing Act
  • Texas Property Code

Property Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your property and provide a set of recommendations for:

  • Marketing
  • Appearance
  • Code Compliance

Pricing Evaluation

We’ll run comps and recommend a rental rate for your property based on years of experience.

Advertising and Marketing

With 1836’s industry-leading marketing and advertising, your property will be featured on MLS and 60+ syndicated property sites, as well as over 60 additional websites.

Your marketing package includes:

  • Professional signage and secure modern electronic lock boxes to increase access and feedback for showings and agents
  • High-quality professional photographs taken with a wide angle lens to highlight your property’s best assets
  • A custom floor plan specifically created for your property
  • A narrated video walking tour of your property to be displayed on YouTube, the MLS listing, and more locations (as available)
  • Access to the only unique network of affiliate rental locator partners in Austin

Extensive Tenant Screening

We’ll find the ideal qualified tenant. Our tried and true criteria has been honed over the 12+ years we’ve been in business and we use it for all of our personal and managed properties. Our eviction rate is less than 0.5% annually. Now that’s impressive!

Our Tenant Evaluation Process

  • Full compliance with Federal Fair Housing Standards
  • Full credit check, including judgements
  • Nationwide terror watch list check, sex offender database check, full nationwide criminal check, eviction search and more
  • Verification of employment
  • Verification of income and of their financial ability to qualify for rental payment
  • Verification of identification
  • Verification of move-in timeline and pets

Lease Administration

We’ll ensure that the lease is negotiated, signed, and copies are forwarded to you and the tenant. We will also collect the security deposit and apply it as appropriate, which may be applied to our fee.

At 1836 Property Management, we use a specific step-by-step process to ensure that your Lease-Only Property Management service is seamless and effective.

We begin by aligning the selected services with the goals that you have for your property. Once we have a solid strategy in place, we check to ensure that your property is in its best condition to go to market. Using our industry-leading marketing and advertising strategies, we’ll finalize the process by getting you the best tenant in contract. Our Austin property management services are designed to make the process for our clients and their tenants as easy and efficient as possible!

To learn specific details about the Step-by-Step Lease Only process, click the link below!

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Our Leasing Guarantees

Great Tenant Guarantee

If for any reason your tenant fails to pay rent and refuses to leave voluntarily during the first six months of an initial lease term that 1836 establishes, we will administer and oversee the eviction at up to a $2,500 value for no additional charge!

Does not include appeals.

3 Month Re-Lease Guarantee

If your tenant fails to pay rent in the first 3 months of their tenancy and has to be evicted in court, we’ll re-lease the property for free.

Military relocations and voluntary departures excluded.

If you like what you see in our lease-only service, check out our Full-Service Property Management! In addition to our industry-leading leasing services, the 1836 team will make your rental property ready for your tenant, handle all day-to-day tenant communication, manage property maintenance, and much more.

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