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April 2013
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Matt Leschber
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US household debt burden hits record low, a positive spending sign
The amount of debt each household holds has hit a record low. Analysts see this as a positive sign that consumers may have some extra expendable income to begin funneling into the economy. While some remain cautious about whether this is taking into account those who have filed for bankruptcy to clear debt, it is a clear sign that the economy continues to improve.

Click here to read the full article by Reuters

Brian Tracy Inspirational Article of the Month:

7 Qualities of Creative Thinkers
So many people struggle with thinking outside the box and thinking in a creative manner. Many think it is something that is born into people and a natural quality that can not be learned. By practicing some of these simple behaviors, you too can become as creative as others you may admire and look up to.

Click Here to Read the Full Article by Brian Tracy

Interesting Articles and Photos of the Month:

Teen fighting cancer checks prom off her bucket list
Almost all little girls grow up dreaming about their prom night and anticipate that magical evening all throughout high school. The thought never enters their mind that they may not live long enough to see that day pass. Katelyn Norman is unfortunately a girl that had to face this grim realty. Her fighting spirit and the kindness of those around her made this dream a reality, despite her young age. This inspiring story of kindness will help restore your faith in humanity.

Click Here to Read the Full Article by WATE

Weird Insurance Policies
Are your legs fully protected from cosmetic damages? Can you say your million dollar smile is really worth that much if altered? Just like construction workers who need to purchase insurance against injury, several celebrities find it necessary to insure they will have income if their most popular asset should be damaged. These policies not only serve as protection against damage but also provide great publicity for those buying the coverage.

Click here to read the full article by Investopedia

Soldier’s cat makes perilous journey from Afghanistan to Oregon
A soldier serving in the Middle East said that a local cat saved his life by providing comfort and solace in his darkest hour. Staff Sergeant Jesse Knott saw it only right that he return the favor. Risking his life and the life of an ally that agreed to help him, the cat made a trek across several checkpoints before finding a forever home in Oregon. Soon, the furry feline and dedicated service man will be reunited for good.

Click here to read the full article by Yahoo!

The very best April Fools’ Day pranks of all time. No, really … 
April Fools’ Day has come and gone–did you escape unharmed or were you the victim of a not so funny prank? Your fake Facebook engagement announcement may not have won joke of the year, but these funny jokes have managed to make the list of the best pranks of all time. Would you have believed these stories if you heard them first hand?

Click here to read the full article by NBC News

Videos of the Month:

10 Accidental Inventions
Things might not always go exactly according to plan, but if everything came out the way we wanted we may not have any of these 10 inventions. Ever wonder how it was discovered fungus could be used to cure bacterial infections or how the slinky walked into our household as an entertaining toy? You may be surprised to see some of the origins of everyday products.

Click here to watch the video by YouTube.com

One-Man Band sings “Take Me Home, Country Roads”
This Japanese street performer really does it all! From mean guitar solos to keeping the beat going on a drum, this man doesn’t need anyone but himself to create beautiful music. He has become a hit on the streets and now comes to your computer to provide some much needed entertainment.

Click here to watch the video by YouTube.com

Hippo That Lives in a House
Have you ever met a hippo with a pink blanket and soft pillow? This beloved water dweller has a pack of dogs as her best friend, endless supply of food and a nearby pack of wild hippos to keep her company when she needs to be with her own kind. Sounds like the perfect life to me!

Click here to watch the video by Wired

Delicious Recipe of the Month:

Mom’s Pasta Primavera
Spring is in the air again and this means access to a seemingly endless supply of fresh vegetables. This pasta recipe is simple to make and full of nutritional value. Try using whole wheat pasta to help stay on the right track to that summer beach body.

Click Here for the Full Recipe From Simply Recipes

Dumb Criminal Story of the Month:

NY man charged with faking own kidnapping — reportedly to avoid gal pal 
Have you ever been so worried about facing your girlfriend that you faked your own kidnapping? This unlucky New York resident was so afraid of confronting his girlfriend after disappearing for two weeks that he tied himself up and claimed he had been kidnapped. He probably wishes he would have paid a little more attention to detail so he could pull off the perfect crime.

Click here to read the full article by NBC News

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