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Another day in the life of an Austin property manager

Today we’ve got a few AC’s down while it’s above 100 degrees, a leaky AC in another home and a handful of requests from other residents. This is a typical day for us. The challenges we face are usually fairly straight forward. However this summer we’ve run into a problems related to vendor response times as well. The vendors are working as hard as they can. The problem seems to be that there is such a demand for reputable service providers that during peak season the backlog grows. Home warranty companies, which we prefer not to utilize, are backed up for days.  Companies that rent portable AC units won’t lease them for residential purposes….Again, just a typical day.

The point of the story is not to describe how hard we’re working. Rather to let owner/investors know that without policies, resources, a plan and support team in place, these are just a couple of the numerous challenges you will face managing your own property. Just this week I’ve discussed details of the state property code with two owner/investors who stated they didn’t need to follow the law and/or didn’t know what the legal requirements were to rent a home in Texas. Both had an agent willing or actively managing their property who was breaking the law by the way they were doing business.

If you’re an owner and your agent isn’t legally managing your business and/or your property isn’t up to code, you’ll be the one on the hook. Ensure you have a reputable, honest, level headed, educated, focused professional working for you. Treble damages plus legal fees is a common outcome in lawsuits related to property management disputes.  Don’t be on the losing end because you chose the wrong company or got led astray. Call us today to get your Austin area investment properties in line before you get caught by suprise.

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