Business Development Manager

1836 Property Management is seeking a strong salesperson looking to join a great company.


Position opening in September 2021 | Accepting applications in August 2021


The Business Development Manager (BDM) at 1836 Property Management is responsible for making great first impressions with potential clients. All new leads and referrals will be introduced to the BDM so that they can ensure that they are a good fit for the company, and ensure they understand the unique capabilities and outcomes that 1836 Property Management delivers.


Over time, the BDM will become a fountain of our most legendary customer success and service stories. The BDM is both a filter that saves the company from taking on misfit clients and a magnet that will attract perfect-fit clients for years to come.


Compensation: Top performers will make 69,000 to 72,000 (base+commission) annually
Employment Type: Full-Time



  • Respond to inbound leads quickly and effectively
  • Meet with, educate, and qualify prospects on our residential management services
  • Qualify and convert prospects into clients for our service
  • Complete the necessary forms and paperwork to onboard new properties
  • Manage a robust and dynamic pipeline within our CRM with current notes and statuses
  • Learn our unique policies and procedures and relevant real estate laws
  • Build relationships with our clients and learn our best customer success stories
  • Attend company hosted sales events to establish and further customer relationships


The right candidate will possess the following competencies:

  • Responsive
  • Great Listener
  • Clear Communicator (on phone, email, video, and in-person)
  • Consistent Performance
  • Fast Learner
  • Texas Real Estate License Preferred


We are not accepting resumes for this position. To apply, you must complete this short application and upload a simple video cover letter (60 seconds) explaining why you’re a good fit for this role. A simple phone or webcam video is acceptable, no editing or professional skills required.


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