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Typical Systems Included & Maintenance Items You Might Encounter in a New Build Home

people inside a new build home assessing systems and structures


Key takeaways from a walkthrough with a licensed home inspector at a new build property.


When it comes to new home builds, most people are unsure of where to start, especially in terms of the necessary systems for the build, maintenance and so on.  Granted, there are plenty of challenges with new build homes yet a walkthrough with a licensed home inspector will certainly help.  

Recognize the importance of property inspections in the context of real estate investing, have a walkthrough conducted, continue to focus on regular preventative rental property maintenance and you’ll maximize the value of your property.  

Recently our team here at 1836 Property Management, visited a new-build home with a licensed and professional property inspector (Randy Barfield with Barfield Home Inspections) to talk through typical new build systems and what to look for regarding probable maintenance items. Below you’ll find some of the key takeaways we learned.

water line traps in a new build home


Water Line Traps

Water line traps are out of sight so they tend to be out of mind. However, water line traps play an important role in home functionality. Water line traps,
also referred to as P-traps and U-bends, stop odors from moving back upward into the bathroom or other rooms of the house. The addition of a water line trap is a relatively quick, simple and easy project yet its results will make a meaningful impact on the quality of life for years to come.



fire blockers in a new build home


Fire Blockers

Though most people are not aware of fire blockers, they are actually quite important. United States
building codes mandate the use of fire stopping devices in specific floors, walls and even the attics of some homes. The logic in requiring the addition of fire stops is to stop flames from moving up a wall to another room in the home.




metal plates to protect plumbing and electrical in a new build home


Metal Plating Covering Electrical and Plumbing Lines

The addition of metal plates to cover the electrical and plumbing lines is a seemingly subtle strategy yet proves quite impactful. This approach ensures that there won’t be a false reading when you use a stud finder at a later point in time. After all, the last thing you want to do is cut directly into one of your rental property walls when there is an electrical or plumbing line concealed inside.



sewage exhaust vents in a new build home


Sewage Exhaust Vents

Every home needs a sewage exhaust vent to move the odor of sewage out of the house into the greater outdoors. Sewage exhaust vents take the form of pipes that protrude outward.  As long as sewage cleanouts occur with regularity, the exhaust vents should work to perfection.  If your property’s sewage exhaust vents are old, broken or non-existent, have your property management team schedule installation or repair as soon as possible.




plumbing material in a new build home

Additional Residential Property Challenges of Note

When it comes to issues with home builds and inspections, plumbing emerges as the common theme. In particular, plumbing material with the name of “PEX” is frequently referenced as problematic despite the fact that it has a reputation as durable and easy to install.   

The high frequency of plumbing problems in new homes and also in homes that have stood for centuries reinforces the need for comprehensive property inspections, walkthroughs and ongoing preventative maintenance coordinated by your Austin property management team. 

Every real estate investor should keep in mind that some new builds will have immediate maintenance needs, albeit likely quite minor yet they will still necessitate timely attention. Outsource the maintenance and repair projects to your property manager and their trusted and licensed vendors, while also focusing on optimizing and maximizing profit and your rental property will play an important role in your financial portfolio. 



      • New home builds have the potential to be slightly flawed and may need maintenance at the time purchase or even within the first couple of years 
      • A thorough home inspection is necessary whether the house is new or centuries old
      • Plumbing is an especially important component of a home, regardless of its age
      • An investment in plumbing maintenance along with timely repairs is money well-spent
      • Lean on the professionals for a comprehensive home inspection and regular property walkthroughs and maintenance performance 


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By: Kayla Gonzales, 1836PM Marketing Manager

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