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Keeping Up with Your Rental Property HVAC In All 4 Seasons

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Maintaining your own HVAC system can be challenging and expensive enough; add in HVAC systems for each of your rental properties, and you’ve got what could be a full-time job that takes away from your profits. Managing properties in Austin, TX, can be even more difficult and time-consuming because of the random extreme weather.

Below, HVAC experts from Blue National HVAC discuss why HVAC systems in Central Texas can be so problematic and how you can save money by carrying out preventative HVAC maintenance in Austin, potentially improving your profits and your tenant relationships.

Why HVAC Maintenance Is So Crucial In Austin

Maintaining your home systems is crucial in any part of the country, but it’s particularly important in an area like Austin. Central Texas experiences long, scorching summers that routinely reach up to around 100 degrees (F). Not only are these temperatures uncomfortable and unsuitable for living, but they are also potentially dangerous.

Landlords in Texas are required to maintain a habitable environment for their tenants, and keeping the HVAC systems in your rental properties up and running is an essential part of that commitment.

Unfortunately, your HVAC systems in Austin will be under the highest stress in the summer when they’re called on constantly to keep the interior air cool and safe. They’re most likely to fail just when they’re needed the most.

The strain on your equipment doesn’t stop after Texas summers fade away either. The winters in Austin on average reach down to about 50 degrees (F) and sometimes lower, so your tenants will very likely be using the HVAC system for heat. That means your equipment will be in use nearly year-round, increasing the likelihood of issues even further.

How Routine Maintenance Saves You Money On HVAC Costs

Luckily, there are numerous ways preventative maintenance can save you money on your HVAC expenditures. These are helpful for individual homeowners, but for landlords with multiple properties to manage, it can make an enormous difference in profits realized from each.

Running Costs

Perhaps most importantly, ongoing maintenance makes your equipment run more smoothly, which can end up saving you money on your electric bill.

During a service call for routine maintenance, your technician will apply lubricant to moving parts, belts, and fan motors to keep them running without added, unnecessary friction. They will replace filters to improve airflow through the ducts and prevent the fans from working overtime, and they’ll complete a full inspection to ensure that everything is working as intended.

The result of this maintenance is a properly functioning and efficient HVAC system. Your equipment will require less energy to run, and you’ll end up saving on your electric bills.

In Austin, where the HVAC equipment will have to use immense amounts of energy as it is to contend with the 100-degree days, reducing the strain on the system even slightly can have a substantial impact.

Emergency Service

Any landlord in Austin is, unfortunately, well-versed in emergency calls for HVAC outages. Since the systems work overtime to provide comfortable and safe air to homes in the area, they fail regularly. While 50-degree temperatures in the winter might be relatively safe if uncomfortable, the excessive heat in the summer means an HVAC outage is potentially dangerous for your tenants.

Emergency service to get your HVAC systems back up and running are not only more expensive than standard calls due to the urgency, but they also put a strain on your relationship with your tenants. If your HVAC system is routinely going down, you’re more likely to deal with an angry tenant, and they might find another place to live.

Additionally, emergency services are almost always a headache for landlords, especially if you have multiple rental properties with issues at the same time.

Repair Costs

preventative maintenance on your rental property will reduce the need for reactive repairs in the long run. When your system is tuned up to ensure there are no inefficiencies, broken parts, or damaged belts, there’s little room for things to go wrong. An unmaintained system will experience broken belts, failing motors, and numerous other issues that require expensive repair.

Routine maintenance might seem like an unnecessary cost, but it almost always saves you money in the long run on repairs.

 Not only is it cost-effective to have your systems maintained at least once a year, but it will help you strengthen the relationship you have with your tenants. There will be fewer outages and reasons for them to look elsewhere for living arrangements, and you can even let your tenants know that you’re going above and beyond to maintain their HVAC system in an effort to keep them comfortable and safe. Any tenant will be more likely to stay and continue paying rent for a property where they feel safe and appreciated.

Wrapping Up: Why HVAC Maintenance Is So Crucial In Austin

If you rent properties in Austin to tenants, one of the best ways to save money on ongoing costs and repairs is to carry out preventative HVAC maintenance twice a year — once before summer and once leading into winter. This minimal fee upfront is very likely to save you money in heating and cooling costs by making your equipment more efficient, especially in Austin, where the weather can be rather extreme.

Preventative maintenance will also reduce your need for repairs, emergency services, and service calls for outages. You’ll very likely spend less proactively making sure your equipment is in good condition than you would on more costly repairs and emergency HVAC calls.

Partner with a Professional Property Management Team

Enlisting the support of a property management professional can save you money, time, and stress when handling HVAC repairs. While your property management maintenance team may only be able to act as liaison between your tenant and the repair service provider, that is without a doubt an essential piece of the process. If something goes wrong with your HVAC system, you will need to act quickly to address the needs of your renters and the system itself. 

A property management professional has years of experience handling preventive and emergency maintenance issues, and has built relationships with trusted, experienced, and licensed contractors that know how to get the job done correctly the first time.

If you’re a real estate investor in the Austin, Texas area, reach out 1836 Property Management, and let us manage your property and all the maintenance it requires, for you. We’re here to answer any questions you may have!

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By: Kayla Gonzales, 1836PM Marketing Manager

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