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This week in Property Management from Austin Texas.
Every week is something new. This week is no different. It's just surprising that new things can pop up week after week. I guess anytime you're working with people vs. machines anything can and will happen. People are definitely unpredictable.

This week we found out that no one is hurt more than those that we refuse to serve. Not every business or service fits every client. That's ok. We do our best on a daily basis to manage every property as if it's our own. We treat everyone with consideration and dignity. We require that our properties be kept up to standards that have proven to produce the best outcome. Failing to have clean paint and flooring when we bring a property to market will significantly increase the vacancy or time on market and ensure the only tenants that will apply will be those who see themselves in a similar manner as the property to which they are applying.

Normal wear and tear is covered by the Texas Property Code or state law in Texas. It's not within an owners legal rights to charge a tenant for things that are normal wear and tear. This week we had an owner who wanted us to do so. Unfortunately we can not agree to do something that is against the law or will put our clients in a risky situation. The penalty for getting this wrong is not just a slap on the wrist but Treble damages, court costs and attorney's fees. Don't forget the judges in this cases are also elected officials and the term landlord many times has a negative connotation now matter how great one may be.

The other thing we found is that while we were working hard for our brand new clients they didn't feel like they were as connected to the process as desired. They don't want to be involved but they don't want to feel left out either. So we created a new welcome letter for all of our new property management clients that outlines what to expect and welcomes them to our family. Attached is the new letter.

While being on the other side of the planet may seem challenging our response time is typically within minutes during business hours and if you reach out while we're in meetings as we do a couple times per week we will get back to you within one business day at the maximum. Emergencies are covered 24/7 but a live team that can troubleshoot, dispatch, record calls and document situations on our behalf, even if it's during normal business hours.

We've got you covered and are always looking for ways to improve. If you're searching for an Austin Property Management Company you've found the hardest working team in Austin, Texas. Give us a call today or find us online at www.1836pm.com. We're the only google 5 star rated management company in Austin!

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