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We have found that many of our clients locate us online and we may never even meet us face to face. In order to give them the piece of mind they need to select our company we need to offer our hand, so to speak, to them. Therefore we’ve developed many videos that are for owners education, rental advertising and even to introduce interested parties to our partners such as plumbers, electricians, etc. Today we received a comment from a fellow agent in Austin that indicated we were doing our job by reaching out.
I went on your site and checked out your YouTube videos, so it feels like I’ve already met you. Pretty cool videos. – Leon
When a fellow agent compliments your strategy from a benefits perspective you know you’re on the right track. Thanks Leon!

Compliment from an owner received 10/29/2010

We don’t have a separate page to blow our own horn so we’ll have to post this here for you….We are proud to receive compliments like this. It’s makes the work we do worthwhile.

We got the email and I just looked over it thoroughly. First, you are extremely diligent, which we appreciate so much. Were it not for our confidence in you we would have tried to sell long ago.

Thanks Jerry!

Sales are up? no wait they’re down? which is it?

We see the same numbers you do… Sales are here, sales are there, sales are … who knows. As they say you can find numbers to prove just about anything if you arrange them in a different way. We received numbers this morning from one of our boards that doesn’t sugar coat anything and it appears sales are about 50% of what they were in 2006 and down 35% from last year. Real estate companies are bracing for a brutal forecast for early 2011. If you’ve got the ability now is not the time to sell out. Patience, patience, patience… and some cash flow from renters will help you weather the storm. We can show you how. Make the decision today as the difference is about $65 a day in income on an average home.

NOW HIRING 3 AGENTS ONLY – 1 in Austin at 2 in San Antonio

Visit www.1836Realty.com for more details at the top of our home page or email us a resume at info@1836realty.com

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?

Most inquiries we receive want to know “what do you charge?” Since the true answer is more complex than just the surface pricing we created an educational video to help owners see what they may run into down the road and how $10/month could save you $1500/year. Those videos may be found under the LEASE 101 tab above. However we had to stop posting our pricing online as others were using our details as a comparison. This week we received proof. For the last few months we’ve been marketing to local agents so that when they have a client who can’t sell or financially shouldn’t sell they’ll call us. Numbers were included in this advertisement. On Monday of this week we received the exact same advertisement by email from another local property management company with the same numbers, reworded and re-branded. Now I’m not saying we’re the only ones in town that can manage your property. I’m just saying that the competition is taking note. It’s for good reason. Our clients are pleased enough with our services to write glowing reviews online and refer their friends. We beat the competition from every angle. Call us today to find out how a little pride in your business and care goes a long way.

Homes Sales Plunged 27% in July – Largest 1 month drop in 42 years!

Owners, we’ve received calls all summer about your internal conflict toward selling or leasing your home. We’ve been saying all summer that no matter what you were reading sales were not happening. Sometimes it takes time to prove that you know what you’re talking about. Now we can look back and see why you may have not received one offer all summer. No one is buying! You may have a great home in a great location but timing is everything. Well almost everything but I think you’re with me on this. If you’ve debated leasing and waiting for the market to improve. This is the signal you’ve been waiting for. We’re here to help but have to have you on board. Call today and let’s get the cash flowing in – instead of out.

Want to know what to expect from us?

Here’s a great article about how ensuring that your customers are happy ensures your business will succeed. If you like reading about business as a subject check this out.
Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. Harvard Business Review – March-April 1994 – Heskett, Jones, Loveman, Sasser and Schlesinger.
We know that if you’re satisfied with our service you will be loyal and we will succeed. If we can’t ensure you’re happy we fail. I can tell this, you will be pleased, I guarantee it!

Current special are available now but you’ll have to call. Our competition is watching.

If you’ve tried to sell this summer and found out you couldn’t or you just need to relocate in a tough real estate market we’re here to help. Check out our leasing 101 videos for sell vs. lease comparisons, then see the other owners educational videos to find out what to look for in a management company, then call us to take advantage of specials we’re offering that will save you hundreds in leasing fees, ensure our success is tied to yours and guarantee results. You’ll have to call to find out the details as we’re not posting everything for our competitors to see but we’re waiting by the phone ready to serve you.
If you want sales pitches and empty promises the other guys will be happy to provide them. If you want honestly, integrity and the truth when you’re a thousand miles away from your property we’re ready to serve you. Our clients range from India, Brazil and China to across the city. We ensure they’re all pleased, all the time.
Note that standard rates we have posted on our sample contract are just that – standard. We want your business and know times are tough. We’ll ensure you have a comprehensive financial reason to work with us, our service will ensure you stay long term. We’re not going to cut costs or pack on back end charges to ensure we make up for some sales pitch. We like to keep it simple, straight forward and honest. Once you consider all the costs we’ll beat everyone out there that actually manages your home properly.

Many agents out there can’t manage your property because their broker knows with limited skills and experience the liability is high. We’re here to run through all of the options available so that can choose the best solution not just what someone is selling.

Current specials:

Removed from posting due to competitors mirroring our pricing. Call for a quote on your particular property. We’ll win your business from the starting gate and keep it with service.

In place until further notice
*Sign an agreement with us before or at your first in person appointment – one month free management
*Sign a two year agreement and get one month management for free.
*Refer a friend and get one month free management when they sign an agreement for at least one year of management or we list their property for sale and the sale transpires/closes.

If you’re waiting for a better offer or better service you’re not going to find it. – With all of these savings and no extra nickle and dime monthly charges we beat the competition apples to apples every time.