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Discount – Special – Savings!!!!!!

If you’re a new customer and you sign up with us before or at our first face to face meeting we’ll give you a 20% reduction in your initial leasing fees from our side of the table. What does that mean to you? You’re property will still carry the same incentive as it would before to all outside agents. We’ll just do the leasing side for less. This offer is good until Aug. 15th for all new customers. Let’s run through an example of the savings. $1400 a month lease. Normal leasing fees of 80% equal $1120 in leasing fees. If you follow the rules to this offer you’ll save 1/4 of that or $280.00!!!!! That sounds like a plane trip to vegas or the cost of a carpet cleaning and more for free. Email or contact us at anytime for more information. Offer ends on Aug. 15 so let’s get you going before summer is gone.

Kind words…

Working in real estate isn’t always easy. It’s nice when the agents on the other side help vs. hinder the transaction. This is part of an email we got from a fellow agent yesterday. Even though the transaction isn’t going to close we enjoyed working with them also and we wish them and their client the best.

quote begins here-Thanks for letting us know and we appreciate all your work on this, had it closed I am sure it would have gone very smoothly, which is always nice.

Doing this for awhile, you find not all agents are created equal…haha..
and I would be more than happy to work with you again on any transaction.

You’re a true R.E. professional and I really hope your buyer can find a new job (at least we’re in Austin!) and the home of his dreams, close to his family…..hopefully this one wont still be on the market tho 😉


We hope not either! You guys were great.

Quote from a fellow agent who brought us a renter…

Thnks for such a quick respnse, Matt. It was a pleasure doing business with a pro.


Thanks Steve! We do our best.