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Why do property managers charge a minimum monthly fee?

Why should I pay a monthly fee if my Austin rental property is vacant?

Do you own a rental with a low monthly rent? Ever wonder why property managers won’t manage your property for less than $100/month? Then this video is for you.

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Why does property management cost so much in Austin Texas?

Some owners come to us and say “we thought you would charge more”. Some come to us and say “Why does property management cost so much”? The biggest question all investors should be asking it “What is the value of the service”?

When you call a plumber or a dentist or an electrician it’s not because you want to burn money or just need someone to talk to. It’s because you’re seeking an experts opinion of the best way to solve a problem and don’t mind paying to have that problem solved on-time, right the first time and backed up by a guarantee in case something doesn’t work out perfectly. Can you imagine trying to save money on your own dentistry? No way! You could of course go back to dental school and learn how to do it yourself but it’s simply not worth the time or effort. So you pay a dentist for their expertise. You pay a plumber to come out and fix things right the first time. No one wants a supply line, under pressure, to start to leak inside their home at 2am. You pay an electrician. Not because you can’t figure it out yourself but because your time is valuable and a house fire from doing it wrong isn’t worth the risk.

Hiring a property manager is very similar. You could do it yourself. You could attempt to guess the latest market conditions based off free information on the web, not knowing if it was accurate or not. You could hope that Zillow guessed correctly  in a non-disclosure state such as Texas. You could hope that the tenants appreciate your idea of a “ready” condition and don’t complain or change their minds. You could attempt to negotiate contracts with the tenants without knowing real estate law, being an attorney or even having the appropriate authorization to use forms your Realtor provided you for free. You could attempt to run background checks on tenants, not knowing what to ask, what not to ask and how to even obtain the information. Do you know what criteria delivers a 0.5% or less eviction rate? We do. Do you know how to legally say no to a tenant if you’ve seen their credit? It’s a federally required form. We know. Do you know what to do when a tenant tells you they’ve been the victim of domestic abuse? What about a military transfer? How about they simply got locked out at 2am and want a key to get in or they’re threatening to break a window. What would you do?

We know the answers. That’s what you’re paying for. It’s not just rent collection and disbursements on good days. It’s staying up to speed on all laws, federal, state, local, staying insured, licensed and available 24/7. It’s about proper detailed accounting, only software for you and the tenant and about having experts keep you out of trouble before you accidentally step into it. If you hire a property manager and never have a problem, it’s because they’ve removed opportunities for problems to arise or grow, dealt with the problems before they reached you, knew how and when to communicate with tenants, vendors and even the neighbors who call in to complain about the tenants. If you can imagine it, it will happen. The question is do you want to deal with it or have us take care of business before it ever reaches your inbox. Remember this is the biggest investment most of you will ever make. Why would you take a chance on that going wrong when you can hire an expert to help ensure it goes right?

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Austin Rental Market Update for Landlords

What’s going on with the Austin rental and leasing market? Want the latest. Here’s a video update for you.

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Austin Texas Rodeo Cowboy Breakfast

Thought you might like this for your weekend viewing. For the best property management services in Austin give us a call today. 512-994-4323 or find us online at www.1836PropertyManagement.com


Are you having a tough time getting your home leased? How about a market update?

Here’s a video update on the Austin rental property market. The market has shifted. What will you do to beat the competition and get your property rented? Call us at 1836 Property Management today for answer and the best property management services in Austin.


Taylor Realtor Breakfast

Many thanks to the wonderful group of Realtors on Taylor for allowing 1836 Property Management to share their morning and sponsor the breakfast. As always for the best property management services in Austin, Texas give us a call at 512.994.4323. www.1836PM.com If you’re in need of an excellent investment opportunity Taylor is now the place. Wait and you’ll miss out. Reach out to any of these local Realtors to find your next investment property.

Staying on top of the property management industry at NARPM Texas Style, state conference.

Call it good….keynote address.

This is getting a little embarrassing.

Looking for a city in which to invest? I think you’ve found it. After being listed at the top of so many best of lists we find ourselves here again.

US News and World Reports just named Austin, Texas the best place to live. It’s really getting to be a little overwhelming. We feel like Tom Brady getting another super bowl ring. He’s starting to have to wear them on his thumbs and that’s just a little much. We feel about the same.

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What’s new in Austin Texas Real Estate Investing?

We’re working on a series of video that will be produced monthly to ensure that every single question a real estate investor has, will be answered, online, 24/7, with a video and an article on the who, where, how, when and why. Expect these to start coming out in February or March and to be your source for the most up to date information as well as the how to’s of property management and leasing.

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Since we’ve got your attention, here’s a new introductory video for you. We hope you enjoy it.

What’s new on Austin Texas Investing and Property Management this week?

Welcome to another property management conference, this time in West Palm.

What does that have to do with the management of your investment property in Austin, TX? Everything. In Austin there are approximately 330 different property management options, believe it or not. Now just as with fortune 500 companies there can only be a few at the top of the heap. There are about 150 property managers here at this ancillary summit which is not part of our traditional national trade group. These are the property managers that want to lead the industry. There are only three managers from Austin present, 1836 Property Management being one of those three.

So what did we learn?

Technology is creating big changes in our industry.

No surprise there. Technology is affecting everything, everywhere. What about national chains? Are those taking over the mom and pops? Not really. It appears that service isn’t so easy to deliver on the cheap. Everyone agrees that there is a connection between what you pay and what you get when it comes to quality service and quality products.

I think the biggest thing changing is the level and style of communication between property managers and their clients.

The old way was to answer the phone and meet in person and hope the client liked you better than the competition. The new way to interact is through specific chains of events based on each type of client. While this may not be so interesting to clients it’s makes a huge difference in the quality of information they receive. For example when someone asks for a sales call, do they want a pushy salesperson or do they want education about the topic that they want to learn more about or are having challenges with. Most people reach out to us because they want us to solve a problem or take work off their plate. What if we could share information specific to their request, not general in nature. Now we’re talking. This includes not only being aware of the clients needs but also tailoring everything from educational emails to videos to research to their needs.

If you’re looking for a property manager in Austin Texas that wants to meet your needs and provide service for one of the biggest investments of your life, don’t try to save $10 and lose $10,000. Go for quality and you’ll always be pleased you did. Call us today to get started.

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