What Is 1836?

After graduating from Texas State in 1996 I spent the next 7 years trying to follow the common path of getting a job, saving and working hard. It seemed that if I wanted to increase my income I had to give up more of my life and freedom. I quickly realized that working for others was not for me. I was motivated to work hard daily and desired to gain greater benefits the harder I worked, not just more work. I started my real estate career in 2004 and invested the two years it took to gain my brokers license then immediately. In early 2007 I struck out on my own while still working a full time job to make ends meet. I entered into the field of property management quickly as the long term relationships and ability to build a business appeared much more attractive than spending my Sunday's working open houses. Since starting with one home 1836 has grown at an average rate of 95% annually. The reason for this growth is not that we offer services that are completely different than the competition. It's because we offer services are simply better. Property management is a collaboration of humans, that's what makes it hard. While the owners best interest is our duty and obligation ensuring tenant satisfaction and proper maintenance ensures lower turnover (eliminating rounds of vacancy, leasing fees and make ready costs) and a higher future property value for the owner.

1836 was the year Texas fought for and gained independence to become the Republic of Texas. 1836 is a way for our clients to gain financial freedom for themselves through real estate investing. 1836 is a way to do things differently and better.. 1836 is a vision that through honesty, hard work, communication and an open mind we can all benefit and have a brighter future.

We look forward to serving you at 1836. Contact us today to learn how wonderful real estate investing can be for your future. Here's to a more independent, free, brighter future for us all!
-Matt Leschber